New PvE server. Relaxed chilled atmosphere

Anyone like to join a helpful and chilled server… Good for new players. But still all welcome.

Id like to join a chill PvE server

Join up… We’re up to about 20+ active members now. Name is: No rest for the wicked

hi, can I ask if this is a UK or USA server? I’m in the UK and looking for pve as i’m not that good at pvp lol

also, can I ask what the server settings are?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I have joined up … fairly new to the game but this server seems great. Is this server going to be longstanding … I’d hate to have to start again somewhere down the line?

Yo sorry for late reply… Hope your still playing on server… The plan is to keep the sever long running… The community is still growing so might aswell.

Hey sorry taken me so long to reply… Join up… Welcome to have you…

Find me on psn and ill send you all the server settings.


UK btw

Have yet to play on a server where I actually interacted with players never come across anyone

What on here? Usually early afternoon UK time is when it’s most busy.

Is this a ps4 server


i joined today, pretty much a noob could do with abit of help/advice names vanilla89face