NEW PvP Changes 2.4: Feedback from an old player

suggestions and review

From the point of view of a player with 8,000 hours of PvP who has been playing since the time of the Beta Test (2017). (hammer goal, passing to Beta poke n roll, final version poke n roll, jhebbal claw buggy, the bow meta, The horse Meta and any other that I may have forgotten).

Probably Funcom will not read or care about it, but I think I should give my guess.

The current changes in pvp for the next patch 2.4 are not in line with Funcom’s proposal regarding “veteran players will have a better chance against groups of newbies”.

1- With the recent changes in healing, it is very hard for you to face more than 1 opponent at the same time. Any hit you take makes it impossible for you to want to exchange blows. All you can do is run away until you find a safe place where you can heal. Imagine This PvP.

2- With the “end” of the animation cancellation of the attacks, any attack you make on the enemy becomes more punitive.

3- Any noob spamming attacks with weapons such as the hammer or 1-handed sword can cause a great deal of damage, making it very difficult for 1 player alone (even if he is very experienced) to face 2 newbies spamming attacks.

4- Funcom wants to return to the “glory” of the old Poke n roll, but there is no way back to that time. the healing system is different, the game view is different, the items are different, the hyper armor of the weapons are different from that time and even the attack speed and damage of the spear are different.

Actually on 2.3 patch, you can fight on ground with almost any weapon… Hammers and 1hand swords are slightly better but every weapon has it’s use. everytime Funcom comes close to balancing the game, they screw it up again.
The new combat system will become somewhat clunky and stuck.
Numbers will still be the main factor in winning a battle, perhaps more than it currently is.

I always advocate against horses, but this new changes are nowhere better than horses…

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at this point i’d rather go back and fight people using real exploits such as cripple bleed spear/claws.

pvp is dead in 2.4. already body vaulted my loot from 4 officials i play on.

8400 hours since feb 2017 and 2.4 will be the worst pvp ever. cya funcom.

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