New pvp dedicated server PS4 with a hint of pve

  • Game:Conan Exiles PS4 (US West)
  • the Server has 5 admens all of them are in my clan The old gods and are made up of family and very close friends but most the time if you need something your probably will be speaking with me .
    *for the best experience and to make it easier to help you all with what ever it May be I would highly recommend a mic :microphone::headphones:
  • 30 slot Server. 25 remaining slots Please message me to reserve a slot and to set up a good time to claim your ingame starter kit which will include 1 high grade pick and hatchet and a stack of 50 high grade food and 1 iron weapon of your choosing and a full set of light armor and one large chest and for the first 5 people to join will be rewarded with a full set of heavy armor and 1 legendary weapon type of your choosing but the weapon it’s self will be random Admen’s don’t qualify😄
  • HarvestAmountMultiplier.(2)
  • the 3 followingSettings will be subject to change when we have at least 10 slots Full
  • DropEquipmentOnDeath.(:negative_squared_cross_mark:)Subject to change
  • DropShortcutbarOnDeath.(:negative_squared_cross_mark:)Subject to change
  • DropBackpackOnDeath.(:negative_squared_cross_mark:)Subject to change
  • EverybodyCanLootCorpse.(:white_check_mark:)
  • clanMaxSize.(5)
  • Clansize. (5)
    Please feel free to leave me a message on Facebook Messenger at if you are interested in joining or if you have any questions

PvE or PvP?

It’s a PVP server with a hint of pve

I hope that information helps I also just updated my post so it lets people know that it will be pvp

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