New PvP RP (Nefarious Exiles 18+) server for your enjoyment

Nefarious Exiles 18+

This server is a PvP RP server
Level of RP is casual
Craft times boosted
Thrall times boosted
Harvest rate boosted
Respawn boosted
Level exp rate half normal

Gods active
Summon time 3 min
Active time 40 sec

Building HP boosted
Damage to buildings nerfed
Damage to buildings by siege machine x 2.5

Settings set to promote slow progressing in bountiful lands as well as being a focus to siege tactics for base raiding PvP.

Discord is require for all members of the server.
Please read discord rules then Direct message an admin for access to the rest of the server
This process will be refined down the road.

Weekly and random events
Build your claim
Economy and trade supported by use of bronze coin.