New PVP Server Open for Players - Admin Creates Custom Encounters!

Hi all,

===== Still looking for players to join. Bonus loot for the next 5 who join the server!

New private server open to new players. Settings are similar to the official servers, but we have a max clan size of 4. The admin is dedicated to creating custom encounters throughout the map to enhance the overall experience. Can you rescue the Darketo Princess from the “Maze of Madness”? Can you defeat the Arena Champion in the Coliseum? Visit Sylvia City to meet other players at the Tavern, or remove corruption at the medical center. Need a place to safely store your loot? Sylvia City even has a banking option! Check the city message board for Scavenger/Treasure hunts/ Bounties, and random loot chests.

The Admin also creates NPC bases that are free for players to raid, with loot included. You can enjoy raiding human made bases without the worry of starting a war or having an alpha clan come for retaliation.

We’re looking to build a community of players.

Server Name is “New America - Custom Encounters”. Reply to this message if any issues finding it or getting in, or if any questions.

Hey, tried to find the server but can not?

Hey There! Try searching using the name “New America - Custom Encounters”. It’s under the PVP private servers.

Hit me up if you still can’t locate it and I can jump online to help you out…