New (rare) Animal Beetle NPC for Jungle

Having a new giant-insect in the game would be neat, much like the existing Locusts. Maybe something like a Hercules Beetle.

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These things can be large, maybe like a bear or like the smaller locusts in the game and live in the jungle. They can be a rare spawn that isn’t hostile unless attacked.

Attack animations could involve flinging the player up in the air (or away from the beetle) with those big chompers.



Yeah I always felt like the game never felt alive. Adding more is always a good thing. But funcom seem to only release thing that will make them money. Not so much worrying about keeping the current player base happy. But hey were suppose to get a new map so hopefully new creature.

That really isn’t true. They have released a ton of new free content.

I think the bigger problem is that there aren’t as many devs working on Conan as there used to be, so more important features and additions must take priority.

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There’s never been that many dev in the first place. Lets be real. Conan isn’t call of duty level. It’s a good game and all but…they just don’t listent to the Community for recommendation they don’t ask question onto what people would like to see put In the game. Imagine been able to vote for future changes and feel like you actually have an impact on the game you love. Would be great. But no just release a 20$ esthetique dlc after buying the 10 previous one. sure they don’t release stuff for money. They need money and it shows

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