New (returning) player looking for suitable guild

Hi, I was late to this game but started last year and enjoyed it, before needing to take a break for various reasons. I joined some small guilds with various characters just to get a feel for it.

Now I’m coming back and the guilds I’d joined seem to be inactive now. So I was looking for a new one, ideally one that was new-player friendly and could mentor me a bit.

In particular I was looking for some mentoring – the last guild I was in let me tag along when they were doing the high-level Khitai places like Chosain. This is the only place apparently I can get the Tokens I need to change my tattoos or hairstyles (which ishonestly really annoying as the others races don’t have this). So I’d be looking for someone who could let me tag along and pick these things up.

I also understand you can only learn the other dances if you’re with a Renown 9+ guild?

I’d be happy to help out in return. Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.


Be happy to have you in Eagle’s Vengeance, ask in the chat when you’re in game.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try!

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I’m in a similar situation. If you find a good newbie-friendly group to run with, let me know!


If you ask in Global chat, Im sure you will get Guilds to respond recruitmentwise.

For the guild Im member of, just say “x to join Guards of Mitra” and you should get a response.

Im sure there are many other good alternatives aswell :slight_smile:

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Eagle’s Vengeance have been very helpful and seem very active and engaged!


Good to hear :partying_face: