New RP PVEPVP ( PVE-C) with weekend raiding Info Inside x3 harvest x4 XP

Newly formed server RP PVEPVP ( PVE-C) with x3 harvest x4 Exp no Gods no admin abuse helpful community and active admin
starter kits with each class you choose and attribute points boost with each race and class you choose
custom quest npc & custom npc for exachange certain item for pippi currency
Starter Towns for each race with quests and rewards
market place Npc for buying items also Market Player base
weekly events will be held
More quest and classes to come around as updating content

NO KOS pvp and 3 flags will be giving to each player
white flag - none attended to Raid bases and cannot be raided
Red - Flag can attend to Raid other player bases and can be raided
Custom Flag - for your symbol feel free what to make
Note: PVE at weekdays can do pvp aswell but Raiding only at weekends and as stated above white flag wont participate those for pve players
Guides on

feel free to jump in anytime

-IP :```

Feel free to ask any questions

Max Player slot : 20 as start 
Server location : Germany 
Player does not stay in world on logout

Bonus : 
**Warp Place at Capital City and Warpers Npcs over the world ** 
**Farmable item that can be exchange to pippi Currency beside giving daily Currency **
**up2date mods asap with scheduled automod update checkes and auto server restarts (Takes 2 min to come back up)**
**Custom Arenas for fights and rewards**
**hidden Chests/Vaults over the map give good items to be found with daily cooldown**
**hidding areas with bosses guarding chests have to be defeated to loot**
**Donation System with Donator perks and Items**

**Current Classes and Races**
```Human , Elf , Dwarf , half giant , Fairy ,Orcs```
*Humans*: Knight , Assassin , Thief, Mage , Witch ,Hunter
*Elf*: Hunter,Mage ,Assassin
*Orcs* : Shaman , warrior
*Fairy*: Mage , Thief
*Dwarf*: Warrior , Wizard ,Thief
*Half Giant*: Warrior , Paladins

More Races and class will come later on

**Mod List**

-2.Dye More better
-3. Fashionist
-4.Warrior Mutator
-5.Savage Steel
-6.Conan Sexiles Mod
-7.Immersive Server Mod
-8. Immersion
-9.Pickup +
-10.Class Mod New
-12.Exiled land improved
-13.RA RP
-16.Deco and Placeable new
-17. Thrall War Mod
-18.Age of Calamitous
-19.Improved Quality of life
-20. Less Building Placement Restriction Overlap Edition
-21.Lemurian Buildings
-22.Javalin Improved
-23.Fist Essence
-24.Glass Construction
-25.Assassin Tools```