New sandbox mmos cant seem to handle higher population densities and no's

Why is it STARWARS GALAXIES a full on SANDBOX MMO was able not to have instancing and had 1000s of players on a single server

and mass combat with over 50 players in 1 location and loads of other players on the serve and was able to have housing etc and it was 10 years ago now

yes this 2018 and modern MMO sandboxes seem to want to instance everything and minimise population sizes to such a low level that u wonder why it should be called

  1. AN MMO - THE CLUE IS IN THE NAME - I would not call maximum 40 as an MMO

  2. SANDBOX - debatable it can be called an mmo sandbox with such massive restrictions

CE is not an MMO - Joel Bylos

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Conan Exiles is not an MMO.

Also, MMOs have much more complex server back ends than survival games that can be run in dedicated server mode and self hosted.

Im confused as to why everyone wants to up the population size, aside from log in issues. Other games dont allow you to build anywhere you want as many times as you want, if they even gave building. Why would anyone want their game to be nothing but ugly box homes littering the landscape where ever they look. 40 is plenty. There’s only so many resources.

Lets say they do up the population, then everyone’s complaining “increase the proximity radius so no one can build near me” while STILL complaining about not being able to log in.

Then complaints about “increase resources and respawn rate, so and so keep taking my resources”

Its a never ending cycle. The population is there because you can build anywhere and everywhere, and the game needs that space for your castles. More population equals limited buildings.


The server capacity feels good right now, for how the game is. I think it would be ideal if it were raised by maybe 10 players, just so people don’t have to be frustrated by losing their spots.

Right now it’s a frontier game. Everybody is claiming spots and digging in. By the time that raids start to pop off, I’d really like to see everybody able to connect.

I think you need to remove the rose tinted glasses my friend. I played for years and loved SWG but it was full of bugs and just plain broken through most of its life. PVP suffered from major balance issues and pvp combat with more than a dozen or so people quickly turned into a slide show. SWG was an amazing game and is still my favorite game of all time but it was far from perfect and not near as polished as your post suggests.

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