New scrolls for us?

I have some suggestions on some new scrolls .
1 scroll would be , were you would be able to interchange building tiers .
2 scroll would be , when you leave a clan you can keep everything that you build .

Could you describe the first item in more detail? I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “interchanging building tiers”. Do you mean the ability to build e.g. sandstone as a Tier 3 version or Insulated Wood as a Tier 1 version?

The second scroll would probably be impossible. The server would need to keep a record of every building piece’s ownership. It would also mean that if you and a clanmate built a house together and one of you left the clan, half of the building would be demolishable by someone no longer in the clan. What if you built the Wheel of Pain in the middle of your clan’s base and then left the clan? They could no longer use it, and you would no longer be able to access it.

Not to mention the possibility to actively hurt your clan. Once you know you’re going to leave, build a wall around their base and then leave the clan. Less problematic on PVP servers, a big deal on PVE servers. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid your idea would be more harmful than beneficial to the game.

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