*NEW* Seethelands: A more brutal Conan experience

Looking for more of a challenge? Come play on Seethelands, a NY based 1x PvE-C Exiled Lands server that launched on 12/10.

NPCs both deal and take 2x damage, so combat is faster and more brutal.
Thralls and pets are much weaker (they deal 1/3 base damage and take 3x base damage), but you can have 2 additional followers through the Better Thralls mod.
Thrall and pet breaking time is halved to compensate for them being more expendable.
All followers receive the same XP, so you can effectively level 3 at once.
Consider your minions’ reduced effectiveness in your preparation for the purge.
Weather and temperature effects are more severe so prepare accordingly.
The sandstorm WILL kill you if you get caught in it. Masks don’t fully protect you.
NPCs and resources take twice as long to respawn, making things a bit more scarce.
Respeccing is harder because builds should mean something and fragments/tablets of power allow you to learn every feat.
PvP is always on, but there is no raiding.
That said, don’t build like an ■■■■■■■ or nature may aggressively reclaim your land.


Modlist: Pippi, New Minion Multiplier, Better Thralls, Map Room Reveal, ModControlPanel, SandstormEX, Severe Weather, Extended Weather Audio-Visual add-on, A Very Conan Christmas (until Jan 1), Harder Respec (my own mod that adds 1 fragment of power to the respec potion recipes)

Addressing a criticism I received elsewhere about NPCs taking 2x damage making the server too easy:

NPC damage taken being set to 2x is intentional. NPCs do 2x damage as well, so any mistakes you make are far more punishing, it’s harder to fight groups on your own and bosses are far more deadly. This serves to make combat more brutal and less bullet spongey. What really makes combat on this server more difficult is the massive nerf to thralls and pets. Through the NMM mod they have a damage multiplier of 0.18(x2 NPC damage taken)=0.36 and a damage taken multiplier of 1.5x(x2 NPC damage)=3x. So thralls do about 1/3 of their base damage and take 3x damage. Now, you can have 3 thralls following you so in theory your 3 thralls are doing damage equal to 1 unmodified thrall while taking 3x damage. Of course, this doesn’t work out that way in reality because against groups that damage is split and against bosses if you have 3 melee thralls they’ll bunch up and die much faster. You need to think more tactically when choosing what followers you want to bring and their loadout, depending on what you’re setting out to do. A common complaint about Conan is that the player takes a backseat to his thrall. That’s not the case on this server. I’ve done a lot of testing in different scenarios (including the purge, which may make some people rage quit if they don’t prepare properly) and I think it feels great.

Also note that PvP is unchanged. Players deal and take 1x damage when fighting each other. I didn’t want to mess with that balance.

Added my own mod called Harder Respec, which adds 1 fragment of power to the respec potion recipes.

Unfortunately there haven’t been many takers so far, but I will say that I’ve been playing nightly and I’m really enjoying these settings and mods. As someone who has a few hundred hours on official PvP it keeps the game challenging and interesting enough for me that I’m enjoying it even as a single player experience. I haven’t even experienced a purge yet, which should be a fun challenge.

I know it’s rough to be one of the first players on a new server since you can’t know if you’re wasting your time or not. I will say that I deliberately designed this server as something I would enjoy even if no one ever joined, so I at least will be playing on it for a while. The possibility for others to join my world keeps it more interesting than just playing a single player game, so I will keep the server up for as long as I play. I plan on playing through all the maps (EL, Siptah and Savage Wilds) so it will be around for a while. The map changes (or addition of content mods like AOC) would be up to a server vote when I/we feel things are getting stale.

Anyway, if this server intrigues you at all please give it a try. It’s not going anywhere for a long time. It only takes a few regulars to snowball a server’s population.

Sounds great just don`t like the pvp on all the time.

To be honest I don’t understand why any server has PvP windows. Raid windows exist - at least in theory - so your base isn’t destroyed while you’re at work or sleeping. PvP requires you to be online and out of your base to begin with. You may get killed when farming at 10:00AM, but hey at least you don’t have to be a slave to a raid window to babysit your base.

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