New Server Australia

Hi guys, if you have a group of friends and find it hard to join servers in the Oceania region you’re welcome to join us. The server is a high performance box that should be able to handle 70 users easily.
Currently the server direct connect information is:
You can also find it under: [AU/NZ] Dongs and Thongs XL Server
We’re happy to change settings to suit the group and any feedback you have. At the moment it’s running with PVP vanilla settings and no mods installed. It follows the settings of the official servers.
We’d be glad to have you so you don’t experience the same issues with connecting and continuing your journey like we did! We will also be adding reserved slots soon.

Can vouch! Been on there and it runs bloody well!!!

Hey guys is this for ps4? me and two friends are looking for a private server to play on. The official ones are to frantic with no admin control (claim blocks, greifing, no chance for progress) how many players do you currently have and what kind of rules (if any) does the server have. We’d be keen on joining and helping to add to it.

hey Willis this is a PC server :disappointed_relieved: