New server coming. Warlocks exile pve-c roleplay recruiting

Hello exiles,
The warlock king was once a normal man. He quickly grew up from his old days fighting for survival and eventually became an assassin for the black hand. He was given the lask to assassinate the man everyone was afraid of “Conan”. He lired conan out one day as he became a close friend of his and was ready to get the contract fullfiled. As he and conan were on a mountain top he struck with haste and they fought back and forth until conan got the upper hand and threw him off the mountain. At the bottom where he landed with his last dying breath a strange creature found him and that is when he sold his soul to this creature before his parish. 1 week later he arose from the grave and found he had new powers “warlock like powers”.
He used the powers to create a world where he enslaved people and put bracelets on them so they could not leave. Even conan succumbed to him eventually and is stuck in his world now.

The warlock king for his own enjoyment now brings exiles in for all out war and fame and fortune with the possibility of becoming like him if the time is right.
Do you have what it takes to take this king down or do you side with him? Do you want fame and fortune or do you want freedom? Only you can decide as he has chisen you to compete in his world and find out what is inside of you.

We are a new server upcoming soon looking for new people to fill our spots on Xbox. It will be a pve-c server with weekly events happening and admin will be on daily. Rules to come soon after we find recruits. Message me on here if interested or at gamer tag Fitzle89.

We currently have 4 spots filled up. Let’s get another 4 or 5 going and then we can get the server limit increased if even more want a part!!!