New Server Darkness Falls With no offline raid. Official settings

As the sun moves a crossed the cloudless summer sky man and woman toil the lands. The seven Gods of the Exiled Lands watch as the sun slowly starts to set in the horizon. The night will bring the horrors of Derketo, Mistress of the Night, Mistress of the Dead.

Every seventh year, the Lady of the Starless Night rules supreme. As with the Cycle of the Gods, a year is dedicated to a Gods worship. Now is the time where Darkness Falls. There is peace during the day, which is shorter by several hours. Then when the sun finds its rest so ends the restless torment of those with darkness in their hearts. They are set free to cause chaos among those banished to the Exiled Land.

Monsters, undead, fanatics and their minions seek the glory of the Night Mother. Her blessings are bought with the blood of innocents, the blood of those who serve the Gods of the Light. Even the minions of foul Set are not safe, nor are the cannibals of Yog. But the souls of those who follow Mitra are savored by She who Stalks the Lightless World.

As you read this I beg you, stay in the Light. Do not be caught in the darkness, in her realm. Carry with you a bright torch and a sharp blade. Prayer your God takes pitty on you adventurer, for her followers will not, this is fortold!

I am the Story Teller, I welcome you to the Seventh Year, the year that Darkness Falls.

Welcome to Darkness Falls, pvp, with official settings. No offline raid is turned on. No more worrying about anything when your weary character goes to bed at night. Shoot me a text for a welcome pack ( optional) my name in the game is RaVen. No discord, no server pw. Just straight forward play.


Im definitely game my psn is cyynsyt hmu im new to rp n adult

Been here a few days and I’m already sure I’d like to stay a while. Very friendly welcoming community.