New Server! [ENG/GER] MuscleBeachArena x3Harvest x2Exp PVP Server [17-05-18]

Are you annoyed by people raiding your base 24/7? Are you frustrated by lags, once your server reaches a certain treshhold of players? Are you just looking to start somewhere fresh?

Then look no further! Join us on our brandnew Server ‘Muscle Beach Arena’, where you harvest x3 as fast, exp twice as fast, have set raidtimers (from 18-22 in the week, from 12 to 12 on Weekends), a max amount of 40 players to avoid lags, and an active team of fair admins!

Being located in Germany, our Server makes a great opportunity for every german or english speaking central european. We started on Thursday, May 17th, so dont take too long!

Join us!


there are still some building places left :slight_smile: