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https:// discord .gg/mSPkqTE)

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Active & Friendly Team - All of our admins are also active players, so finding help in-game is never hard!

Trustworthy & Mature Admin Team! - We take admin abuse seriously, We are very particular in who we bring onto the admin team here at Prodigy Gaming, All of our admins are Adults with experience in hosting games or in community management!

Exciting Events - On Prodigy we create custom-built, fun events. Our Event map is unique to what other clusters are using for their events. We also host contests and other unique rewards!

Fun, Active Community - Join our Discord Community which started In November 2019 and has been quite active and rapidly growing in members. We highly value our players, and most major decisions are run past the entire community to get a feel for what the server as a whole wants to see. Other important decisions are up to our Tribe Commissioners in which every tribe on the server is encouraged to have a Commissioner or two to represent their tribe.

Optimized for Fun and Balance - Settings and rules are optimized for fun and balanced for PvE experiences.