New server looking for some others to join

Hello all

Posting my server for anyone looking for a new server to play on. Currently it’s a 2x exp 2x res server.
I’m still new to setting up a server but got tired of joining a sever to only have to fall off the lists in a month. So, I decided to make my own and hope that anyone looking to join a server would give mine a shot. I will be working on fine tuning the raid times as I get some feedback from the server population. As it sits not the raid days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 5 region time to 1159 region time.

If you’re looking to join under the assumption, I will give out free items, help you to get to your dead body across the map or anything like that this might not be the server for you. I will help out to the best of my ability’s, but I won’t spawn in items for you for lost or stolen items. Rules are simple no racism, no posting other server addresses, as I’m the owner and only admin at the moment my decision is final on any problems that occur.

The more people who join the higher I will raise the number of active players on the server it’s at 20 right now since nobody has really joined. Other than that, there isn’t a lot to say other than hope to see you on the server.

Yog’s Mist Server IP:


giving the post a bump trying to get some new players.

another bump hope to see everyone on today.

bumping the post and updating avatars are now on and I have added a map room’s.

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