New Server Prime Extreme

Hello, I have a new server up looking for people to join in. It is 5x Harvest and 5x XP. Some tweaks to the settings for a more fluid feel. It is a pvp server with avatar’s active on a 90 sec duration. I personally think its a really cool feature that most servers do not use. This is a harsh land and gods are a part of it :). And yes it is a pvp server and not much rules other than a few building restrictions.

Mods used:

  1. Pippi
  2. Improved quality of life
  3. Warrior mutator
  4. Exiled lands improved
  5. Dungeon master tools
  6. Frost and Volcanic placeable
  7. RP Aesthetics
  8. Shadows of Skelos - Extended
  9. Less building placement restrictions
  10. Fashionist
  11. Savage steel
  12. Savage steel 2
  13. Tier 4 thralls- medium increase
  14. Tae’s archery fix
  15. Hosav’s pets extended
  16. Endgame extended weapons arsenal
  17. AOC
  18. AOC RP addon
  19. River boats of the exiled lands
  20. Kerozards paragon leveling


Still looking for a few peeps :slight_smile: