New server project, interested?

Hello, my gf (Mira) and I conquered Siptah and the Exiled lands on official PvE-C servers but recently Funcom decided to delete our construction and ban us for 2 weeks for unknown reasons. We enjoyed doing pvp in pvp hours (6-11pm eastern) and a lot of our victims were pissed so perhaps they reported us and funcom decided to wipe us even though we obeyed community guidelines, we have no idea, funcom will not explain to us why they did it so whatever.

Point being, we still enjoy the game but we are looking in new ways to enjoy it other than official servers because of… management issues lol.

We considered renting a g-portal server and trying to build a community of our own but I am curious to see if there is interest for another community server or if you feel like theres plenty already or perhaps yall prefer official servers ?

Please post below if you would be interested to join a fresh new community on a NA Eastern server and what you would expect from it.

Of course we would supply a discord server and the game server would be actively administrated by atleast 2 adults.

Rules are yet to be determined but it would most likely be similar to PvE-C with possibly restricted sieges (no offline sieges, fair rules, war declaration system…), pvp tournaments, pve events… Light roleplay would be encouraged. Depending on the level of interest we could start with a 20 slot server and upgrade if necessary but from my experience G-Portal servers lag pretty bad above 15 players anyway.

My hubby and I have hosted servers before, mainly for friends and family so not much experience admining a server for public use.

But I have some experience joining private servers and here is my take:

• there are many and advertising properly is imperative
• there is an issue with admin abuse so it can take time to find an actual good one
• I will only play on a private that does not have an active playing admin and their friends on, there is way too much possibility of biases and favouritism especially in consideration of the high emotions of competitive environments
• mods are great but be choosy
• avoid TOO many restrictive rules, this can cause micromanagement issues and quickly see players leave
• ensure you understand what the difference is between game sense vs. exploiting/hacking, I’ve seen people banned from servers for simply understanding mechanics that to others look like exploits when they’re not
• consider a ticket system and manage those tickets professionally
• communicate often, server resets, changes in mods or scheduling and the most important, if you decide to stop running the server give ample time for your players to process - many private servers now gone have left players wondering what happened when simply the interest or cost in running the server was no longer in the owners’ future and shut it down

I’d play on a vanilla private myself with no affecting mods that mimics officials but cannot find one without some of the aforementioned issues. Or everything looks good except “NO GODS”, “NO HORSES”, “NO LANCES”, blah blah blah. How annoying.

I would avoid GPortal, it has been reported often on here that they’re a garbage company.

I’m an active friendly admin with a small community of mature players. My admins and I give players lots of benefits. Consider joining us if you don’t start your own. I have been active for 5 years and pay to keep my servers up to date and often give admin to those that earn my trust. We also run fun events and have an arena that let’s you choose your own NPC enemy or T4 thralls to fight and capture (both Exiles & Siptah)

Croozi’s Chaos & Chill (PC/Steam)