NEW SERVER PS4 Devils Island 10x Server, Events, Starter Pack, Shop, Colosseum


I’ve started a new server about a week ago that needs some fun and chill villagers!
It is a a relaxed PVP - with drop on death 24/7, 10x EXP & HARVEST server with a restricted building damage:

  • Weekdays 18:00 - 00:00 (6pm - 12am) Central European Time
  • Weekends 17:00 01:00 (5pm - 1am) Central European Time

Some things that I’ve built is a Colosseum where arena events will be held with great prices.
Other things like map-rooms, elevators and such to make it easier for you guys to focus on what’s fun instead!

Starter pack, gold bar currency Admin Shop, etc… And much more fun stuff!
Come and Join!

The server is called: Devils Island 10X, ADMINSHOP, STARTER PACK, DISCORD, EVENTS


Colosseum -
Colosseum -
Colosseum -

Admin City -
Admin House -

Elevator SinkHole -