NEW Server: Tales of the Exiled - [18+][RP][ERP][PVP][Survival]

Tales of the Exiled was created for new and veteran players alike who enjoy the opportunity for immersive RP; an experience where player interactions, choices, and actions directly affect the world, history, and narrative.

The Exiled Lands lay waiting….how will your journey shape them?

What The Tales of the Exiled offers:
✫ A fantasy-friendly server, in preparation for Age of Sorcery, that encourages players to indulge in their creativity or build on it; Spells, classes, professions, and Howard based custom races to allow players to further tailor their unique character to meet their vision.

✫ Adaptive lore that utilizes the world of Conan Exiles as a base, and through Howard’s works, grows and transforms from there.

✫ Dynamic narrative, world, and economy that are highly player-drive. Choices matter whether by player interaction, quests, or NPC interaction.

✫ The opportunity to help craft a unique experience in the Exiled Lands for yourself and others.

✫ An encouraging but challenging mix of settings, base-game and mod, that allow for immersion as well as creative breathing room.

✫The chance to have a voice in the community; from voting on planned changes/concepts from staff members to submitting personal suggestions for mods/builds/changes. You’re putting in your time to play, your thoughts and opinions are important to us!

✫ A community that is welcoming to all RP levels from veteran wordsmiths to novice.

✫ Additional content through mods to allow for more immersion and room for world development and growth, two examples:

  1. Character and consent sheets with dice mechanics that utilize character sheet data when the need arises: RP Redux
  2. Increased level cap and ‘end-game’ mechanics: EEWA and Paragons

✫ Events, Contests, and Pop-up Interactions (Like “Traveling” vendors, limited time quests) to keep things fresh and exciting.

✫ An attentive admin and community staff who care about fostering a great RP community and supporting a fun and exciting environment.

Server Information:
Direct Connect Address:
Name of Server: Tales of the Exiled - [18+][rp][erp][pvp][survival]
Map: The Exiled Lands
Discord: Tales Of...

Current mods:
Steam collection of mods: Steam Workshop::Tales of the Exiled Server mods
✫ Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.8.10
✫ DungeonMasterTools
✫ ExilesExtreme
✫ Emberlight
✫ Northern Timber
✫ Shadows of Skelos Vol. 3 v1.0.3
✫ IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
✫ Savage Steel vol I
✫ Savage Steel vol II
✫ Basements
✫ Thrall War Dungeon Mod
✫ Ravencrest Couriers
✫ RA: Fantasy Extension
✫ RA: Character Customisation
✫ WARRIOR Mutator
✫ No Balance Changes for WARRIOR Mutator
✫ Immersive Armors
✫ Barbarian Barber
✫ Akuba’s Salon
✫ DyeMoreBetterer
✫ Improved Quality of Life
✫ Indrid’s Custom Races and Classes
✫ Devious Desires
✫ Thralls are alive
✫ Better Thralls v1.9.16
✫ SlaverMod2
✫ Chains of Hyboria
✫ Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.6
✫ Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.29.6
✫ KPL - Smooth Leveling - Add-On - v1.0.1
✫ Beyond the Forge
✫ Pythagoras: Expanded Building - v2.0.1
✫ LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.6
✫ Roleplay Redux
✫ Unlock Plus v1.4.10
✫ Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.2
✫ MultiChar
✫ Underdark of Acheron 2.0

Mods Potentially for Install: Up for voting
GetClose 1.0.4
Beyond: Stations, Rustic, Decor
Shani’s stuff
Litman Item Stack

Server Access: Public, no password
Other Server Details:
✫ PC
✫ 18+
✫ RP PVP [erp permitted but not primary focus]: Permadeath isn’t default but player and narrative-driven.
✫ Primarily Text-based with optional voice chat
✫ US NY server open to any region as long as ping is under 250
✫ 45 PLayer slots

None base-game/Important Settings:
✫Nudity: Full
✫ServerRegion: US
✫Max Ping: 250
✫PlayerIdleThirstMultiplier: 0.700000
✫PlayerIdleHungerMultiplier: 0.700000
✫ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier: 2.000000
✫Drop equipment on death - NO
✫Use ClientCatchUpTime - NO (You can spawn at night)
✫NPCRespawnMultiplier: 1.500000
✫PlayerXPRateMultiplier: 1.500000
✫PlayerXPKillMultiplier: 2.000000
✫PlayerXPHarvestMultiplier: 1.500000
✫PlayerXPCraftMultiplier: 1.500000
✫LandCLaimRadius: .3
✫Clan size: 7
✫Allowed Regions: All
✫Buildings won’t be abandoned
✫ThrallCraftingTimeMultiplier: .65
✫ContainersIgnoreOwnership - YES
Everyone is able to lock all their containers, but containers can be lockpicked with appropriate tools and skills.
✫Thrall decay disabled
✫ Harvest Multiplier X3
✫ Character stays in-game while offline (No offline kill or capture)
✫ Exclusive Diet On (For thralls and pets)
✫ Purge: Off by default - used for events/narrative purposes
✫ PvP and Building Damage: 24/7 but must be related to RP

Rules and Guidelines

✫ Server Lore is defined, and available in the discord channel #story-so-far. We try to follow the works of Howard (and by extension, Lovecraft), along with the Exiled Land’s place within his works as close as we can. Some pieces may be original concepts for flavoring or aesthetic.
✫ We welcome opinions and suggestions, however, keep in mind that there is an established story taking place and Howard’s material should apply. Defying or breaching server lore without staff and community prior approval may result in a ban.

  •       We allow for artistic self-expression within server lore when players invent new customs, builds, and other minor details in order to make their RP richer as long as it does not grossly contradict the general outline of server lore and setting.

✫ Most game server settings are unchanged except for small boosts to exp gain, 3x harvest, and a few other tweaks. (Any major planned changes will be brought to the community for feedback/voting before being made)
✫ Try to RP most of your in game actions, or at least give some kind of description to go along with physical movement.
✫ Have fun!
As it relates to RP and in-game
✫ Themes in Conan are typically MA, players and characters should be 18+; No underage RP permitted.
✫ Streaming is a bannable offense
✫ We are making use of consent sheets, which means that players should not have to be asked directly to act out scenes they are not comfortable with, this is done via Roleplay Redux. To view a player consent sheet, look at player (mouse over) and hold E to select the RP option.
✫ Fade to Black option is available to all players in RP, but the outcome of FTB scenes is considered real and influences the related RP. Only one person needs to ask for a FTB for it to be honored.
✫ Death: All characters get 3 L4D (Left for dead) tokens. In the event of a PvP encounter that would result in character death, if the affected character does NOT want to die they can spend a token (Contact staff for this). They will be, as the token is called, left for dead and can script how they survived. Once all tokens are used, it’s time to create a new character!

  •      Dying to an NPC does not require use of the tokens, and only results in perma-death if desired by the player.

✫ If you are acting out a scene that may result in anything generally considered sensitive, that is not covered by their consent sheet, you MUST ask the player in whispers if they are ok with you emoting BEFORE you post.
✫ Dice rolls, using RP Redux, are attuned to your character sheet and our supernatural races. They help amplify roleplay and are used for the following: Skill Checks, Supernatural Powers, Rituals, Creations, and the outcome of Hand of Fate. As it relates to PvP combat please see combat rules below for more details.
✫ No resource/POI/spawn/structure etc blocking unless approved for narrative purposes.
✫ No directing/controlling other player characters
✫ Builds should be RP minded and immersive not PvP, fortnight/rust craziness
✫ Raids/Building PvP/PvP should be part of ongoing interactions and lead toward narrative development.
✫ All players have a starting build limit of 750 pieces. There is opportunity for this to be adjusted through clan or solo awards/bonuses as described under the clan section. Discord events, challenges, and contests will also add to this.
✫ RP is the main point of this server! You do not have to focus on in-game activities over RP, but you can! You are able to gather resources, explore, and kill monsters IC and make the game aspects part of your evolving tale. Feel the immersion
✫ In PvE and PvP combat, religious weapons and items should only be used by the followers of those religions. They are non-tradeable and should not be used by those not following the religion as they would not work IC.
Character creation
✫ Any “special-case” characters must be reviewed by staff. Our team can/will help you work through your character concept if you would like aid.

  •      Special-case: If your character concept would require more than what’s available through the race and class NPCs near spawn and/or does not include the in-game opener (freshly exiled and rescued from crucifixion).

✫ All player characters start as all exiles start, and are either rescued or make their way off their cross and down the Broken Highway. How your character arrives within the Exiled Lands, well… that depends on their background.

  •      Any exception to this rule must be discussed and approved by staff prior to backstory finalization.

✫ You can otherwise be as detailed and creative as you want! If you’re newer don’t fret about how much you include in this portion, see what you can do, we’ll help if you want. You can also start with little and build on your character as the exiled lands shapes them.
✫ There are channels in discord to post character related content you wish to share (see Discord section).
✫ There is an NPC in the character creation zone that offers starter kits of tools/armor/and building pieces if you do not want to immerse in that aspect. There will be NPCs that sell, and buy, all manor of items in the world as well. Just remember that to gain levels you still need to do xp gaining actions.

  •      We want our players to have fun and enjoy their experience in Tales of the Exiled, we understand not all RPers may enjoy “the grind”. We are willing to work with you

Chat and text formatting
✫ Game server chat character limit of 1050 and a local chat distance of 3000. Voice chat IS on, please be respectful of the RP spirit, no pressure to use this, typing is always acceptable.
✫ In game you do not need to surround text with any characters to indicate you are speaking. “” Can be used to indicate internal thought.
✫ Please use ** around things you do/are describing e.g. Entrances
✫ Running out of space in the chat? To indicate you are continuing (thought/description/speech etc.) type >> at the end of your current message.
✫ Do not use modern slang in your RP, Conan doesn’t know what “I’ght fam no cap” means
✫ Global Chat – This is on for OOC only - currently getting feedback from community on whether we keep it on or not
✫ Local Chat - You are expected to use IC (In Character) speech and emotes in this channel. However, if you need to say something OOC (Out of Character) surround the text with ().
e.g. - ((Sorry I have to log out)) or (Brb)
✫ Shout - Shout should be used for PvP “commands” as well as when appropriate for the conversations you are having.
✫ Mumble - Should only be used when appropriate for the conversations you are having. Such as whispering quietly to another character or moving something quietly from one place to another.
✫ Whispers - /w Playername – this shouldn’t be use for RP purposes as some characters may have heightened hearing and would normally hear what you are attempting to whisper. Can be used to ask the player OOC permissions and consent when needed.
✫ Clan Chat - Exactly what it says on the tin! Talk with your clan members OOC. No IC chat allowed in here for essentially the same reason as for whispers

----Dice mechanics and the RP Redux Character Sheet----
✫ When allocating your skills and attributes in the Roleplay Redux sheet, aka your Character Sheet, you have 46 points to spend in Attributes and 60 points to spend in Skills and 4 Perk Points.
✫ Dice rolls are: Attribute + Skill= Result; Where your character shines should be represented within your characters background as well. Therefore, distribution of points should be thought about when you are creating your character.

  •      For example, if you have a pint value in alchemy, your background should attest to why this skill level is appropriate for your character.

✫ If you would like assistance with character sheet setup, please let us know!
For Attributes which range from 0 to 6:
0 - Poor. Unexercised, unpracticed or inept.
1 - Basic use.
2. - Fair. Done before once or twice, but not very often
3 - Average. The result of occasional effort or application
4 - Good. Regular practice or effort, or naturally talented.
5 - Exceptional. Frequently applied, tested, and honed, or naturally gifted.
6 - Outstanding. The peak of Normal capability. Continuously exercised or naturally blessed.

For Skills which range from 0 to 6:
0 - Maybe you have a slight concept or idea of the technique/know-how but otherwise are inept.
1 - Novice. Basic knowledge and/or techniques.
2 - Trained. You know enough to be dangerous as they say, but don’t quit your day job…yet.
3 - Practitioner. Solid working knowledge and/or techniques.
4 - Professional. Broad, detailed knowledge and/or techniques.
5 - Expert. Exceptional depth of knowledge and/or techniques.
6 - Master. Unsurpassed depth of knowledge and/or techniques. A leader of the field.
Additional bonuses will come from class, race, and other potential sources you encounter through your journey.

–Health Points–
Your Health Points will start at 10, however this can be increased by the amount of Brawn you have, race factors, and level. This will be used when engaging in Dice PvP.
Your ability to dodge or parry an incoming attack.
Note: Be warned, the bigger you are the easier to hit you are (if you are taller than 1.1 you will begin to be easier to hit).
–Armor Class–
Your armor class is defined by the armor you are actually wearing and how this armor affects damage taken as well as the ability to dodge.

  • Light +5 HP
  • Medium +10HP
  • Heavy +15HP

Below is used in local chat:

Initiating PvP
✫ chat command /pvp To be used when you attempt to begin PvP (Dice or otherwise). This will flag in game that you intend to PvP and only when everyone has replied (readied) do you begin.
✫ Dice PvP, to use chat command for dice rolling is /roll + attribute/skill or dice type. E.g. /roll stealth or /roll 2d4 +2 High ground
Shift + R brings up your Roleplay Redux menu, you can select your abilities/spells/ and rolls from here as well. (This is probably the easiest method)
✫ Dice vs. Mechanical PvP needs to be determined first. Unless all parties agree otherwise, this is not to be switched mid-way.
✫ A dice roll can be used for discrepancies on which will be used.

Fleeing PvP
✫ (PvP flee) in chat, this can be used when you attempt to flee from dice PvP. This is a skill check:
Agility for physical attempts
Willpower for sorcery attempts
The purser also must choose one of the above based on how they attempt to stop the flee.
Bonuses count towards total, Highest wins.
On flee success the fight is ended with no further consequences to combatants.
On flee failure the flee-er could face consequences at the hands of the pursuer or fight back.
Starting PvP with Dice
✫ Use a RR d20 roll; /roll d20 ; This decides who gets to hit first when initiating PvP. Highest roll goes first, followed by second highest, etc.

End of PvP
✫ (PvP End) This is used to end the dice PvP session, once everyone is done.
✫ If fighting mechanically, you can attempt to run in two ways.
- Literally try to run away, the character to lose all stamina first has lost the chase. The fight is otherwise over
- All players will be given a flag (Item name Pirate flag), in PvP have it in your quickbar; when attempting to flee you will need to place the
flag at which point all fighters must pause. This will not work while on enemy land claim.Whether you escape is determined by dice:
- Agility for physical attempts
- Willpower for sorcery attempts
- The purser also must choose one of the above based on how they attempt to stop the flee.
- Bonuses count towards total, Highest wins.
- On flee success the fight is ended. Collect flag, no further consequences to combatants.
- On flee failure, the flee-er is to collect their flag first and face consequences at the hands of the pursuer or fight back.

✫ For either PvP dice or mechanical, the defeated is not assumed to have been killed, death is RPed and L4D tokens can be used (See As it Relates to RP section for details on L4D).
- For either PvP, if the defeated’s HP has reached 0 the attacker can use PD: Hand of Fate or PD: Forced (In the RP Redux abilities tab) to
make the final blow, if they are choosing to try and off the defeated player. They don’t have to and can rp capture (consent rules apply),
or mercy etc.
- If the attacker chooses PD, the defeated can then choose to accept the outcome or use a L4D token; this has the same effect as if the
attacker chose and failed the Hand of Fate option.
✫ Don’t forget the RP pieces that go along with the above!

Supernatural Races
✫ The Supernatural Races of Hyboria are often seen as myths and legends, stories to keep children on their best behavior and well disciplined.
✫ Race will affect, greatly, which Supernaturals your character knows about. You should NOT come into the Exiled Lands knowing about all other cultures or supernatural races that belong to those cultures, that’s not realistic and meta-gaming is to be avoided. Even the Supernaturals from your characters own country may be steeped in legends and myths and as such not ALL will believe in these tales, unless they have a firsthand experience.
✫ Characters that come into contact with Supernaturals that are not from their home country, should act accordingly, be that with fear, disbelief, confusion or general repulsion.
✫ Powers used by the Supernatural races are also steeped in myths and old wives’ tales, as such, though your character may know of many varying methods in which are ‘rumored’ to stop the supernaturals that they know about, they will rarely know which are ‘correct’ unless practiced themselves. Of course, you can encounter NPC experts in the exiled lands in addition to players who have had firsthand run-ins who can share their knowledge or sell appropriate equipment.
✫ Obvious abuse of OOC knowledge or use of meta information to gain an ‘upper hand’ will result in consequences.

Slavery and Capture
✫ If you capture another player character you MUST check OOC that your time zones match up enough in order to provide them with regular RP. If this is not possible then you MUST give them the opportunity to escape.

✫ If a player character remains without RP from their captive for 24 hours they can ask a @Admin or @World Builders and Guardians to intervene and they might be teleported out of their prison.

✫ If the Captive is not online, the timer is paused until they return. This is to prevent players simply logging out for 24 hours in order to avoid their captured RP time.

✫ If your clan is not online for 24 hours this also counts as no RP and allows for GM intervention.

✫ Player Characters that are captured and in turn have to leave their clans can NOT ask for admin assistance to re-join their old clan, they MUST do it through IC means.

✫ If you search someone, screen capture can be used in case of player dispute later.

✫ Player Characters who have picklock capabilities and have NOT been searched, are allowed to use this to try and escape if the clan is online. This extends to those finding captives IF they do so via IC means.

✫ Player Characters who have strength capabilities to break the door to their prison, are allowed to use this to try and escape if the clan is online. This extends to those finding captives IF they do so via IC means.
Spying and thieving
✫ ALL information heard in Local is to be treated as IC. If you can read it, your character can hear it.

✫ There are no exceptions to this. /mumble which halves the distance of your speech to another player, can be used for quieter speech, with whispers to indicate whispering is attempted. Dice rolls for those with heightened hearing can be used to attempt to hear whispered conversations though.
e.g. /mumble She whispers in Tom’s ear

✫ If you are a rogue or spy IC you may use Infiltrator Gear items, this contains some placeable that can be placed within the claim radius of other clans. These must NOT be used to gain access to another person’s base in the form of steps. Any placeables used to bypass claim should be strictly narrative related.
✫ Thievery is defined as taking something that currently belongs to someone else without causing any damage to Player Characters, Followers, Buildings and Containers belonging to other players.

✫ Thievery is allowed at any time regardless of if the victim is online or offline but MUST be related to narrative, emoted, and screenshotted.

  •      ALL theft MUST be In Character.

✫ You may NOT damage anyone’s property (aside from the door and/or chest) or their thralls in using Kicking Doors or using the Crowbar outside of a declared raid.

✫ Stealing placeables from the ground is considered thieving, though for realism it should be something your character could actually take.

✫ Stealing a follower (thrall, pet, mount) from a station has to be emoted in local chat, with rolls and screenshotted, These screenshots MUST be sent to a staff member.

✫ Stealing a Thrall from a workbench that is within the Crafter Slot is NOT allowed.

✫ You are NOT allowed to take more than you could IC carry on a single trip. Keep it realistic, if you have to come back for more then do so IC.

✫ You are NOT allowed to take items through windows/iron bars that are larger than the windows/bars themselves. RP judgment is required for this.

✫ Using Remove Bracelet to die and teleport back to base/home with loot while stealing is seen as exploit and strictly prohibited.
✫ Moving things around in benches of the person you are stealing from WILL show up in the logs and cause it to appear like you have stolen more than you have. Please DO NOT do this as this may lead to unwanted investigation. This includes swapping one item for another.
✫ If you are hit by a thrall during your theft, this is classed as being ‘caught’ and you MUST stop your stealing and leave the premises. Thralls do not magically know who intruded, but can ”give” a report that someone or something did attempt to break in.

If you die within someone’s base/home when you try and steal from them, and they are not online, you MUST contact a member of staff to coordinate next steps on what happens next.
ALL thieves MUST leave a note using the new Ravencrest Courier mod. This note MUST have breadcrumbs left behind that could lead to the thieves identity/location.
✫ Clan Limit is set to 7 players per clan. (currently)
✫ You should have a good IC reason for allowing someone into your clan/joining a clan. If your species hate each other, would you really be in the same clan?
✫ Vassal and Slave clans are allowed.
✫ Clan Discord channels are allowed and can be created. However, all IC events must be RP-ed in game, not in Discord and the staff team should not be the go-to for clan disputes.
✫ Accepting other Characters into your clan is your choice, clan members can betray you, taking valuables with them or open gates to your enemies. If your character does not trust another character, they should act accordingly.
✫ If you create a new character, you are NOT allowed to re-join your old clan for at least 2 OOC days and like everyone else, joining any clan should make sense narrative wise.
✫ We would like to reward players for working with their own kin, or crafting a lore friendly clan environment, the clan leaders that have a clan full of the same race, or lore appropriate beings, should reach out to a member of staff with the following:
Clan Name
Clan Leaders Name (Character name) and Race:
Names and Races of Clan Members
Also include if they are a long/short term slave or captive.
Total Number of Clan Members
Those temporarily enslaved or captured by a clan will NOT count towards the clan bonus.
✫ Clan Leader + 1 other player of the same race
50 Extra Placeables

✫ Clan Leader + 2 other players of the same race
50 Extra Placeables and 50 Extra Building Pieces

✫ Clan Leader + 3 other players of the same race
100 Extra Placeables and 100 Extra Building Pieces

✫ Clan Leader + 4 other players of the same race
150 Extra Placeables and 150 Extra Building Pieces

✫ Clan Leader + 5 other players of the same race
200 Extra Placeables and 200 Extra Building Pieces

✫ Clan Leader + 6 other players of the same race
250 Extra Placeables and 250 Extra Building Pieces

✫ Solo characters are also eligible for rewards based on regular activity, engagement, and creativity.