New server type PVE with surprise NPC's

I had an idea.

Create a new kind of server.
It’s PVE as we know it with one difference.
As a player you can opt-in to help NPC camps.

What this means is that you get a warning when one of the NPC camps is attacked by a player and can accept to help.
When you agree to help, you replace the AI of one of the existing NPC’s (for instance one of the NPC’s in the pirate ship).
The attributes you get as a defender will be something to balance out depending on the LVL of the attacker and the region of the camp (better attributes in the north vs the desert).
When the attacker wins, the drops should be higher than the normal ones.

The defender can’t leave the NPC camp, so the attacker can retreat if he/she is outclassed.

You can pick your weapon preference (melee, archer, spear, …)

This would:

  • make it more interesting for both someone attacking the NPC camps and for the players wanting to help.
  • make the game more interactive, less boring when hitting LVL 60.
  • make it safe for people to PVP (defender doesn’t lose anything, attacker can retreat)

let me know if this would be something that is easy to implement.


Seems not much love for this one?

Well you never know :wink: It seams there are some Heralds of Mitra in this dark barbaric world.

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