New Server using steam?

Hi Everyone,

I am considering putting up a Conan Exiles server and I am extremely new.

My question is that I have just purchased the DLC pack on steam that includes just about everything. I was wondering if I am to create a Dedicated Server using a steam client and (different account from the purchase) will it have the DLC content such as the Isle of Siptah? Is there something special I will need to do on the server side to make that useable?

Thanks in advance!

A server will either run Exiled Lands or Isle of Siptah, so I guess you would have to chose when setting up the server.

All other DLC has nothing to do with the server. If the player has it they can use it (and players who doesn’t have it can also pick up DLC parts someone else made and use them).

You don’t need to own the game or any DLC to run a dedicated server. However, you will need “Isle of Siptah” DLC in order to be able to join servers running that map. All other DLCs are optional and simply unlock additional feats to those who purchase them.

If you are going to host the server yourself, you may find this thread useful:

Thank you very much for that. So, Basically I have another steam account that I use for my servers. I did not purchase any software on this account. Is it possible to load a Isle of Siptah map? Sorry for all these questions. Just wanted to get my ducks in a row before starting the process. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Narelle for all your help!

Yes, the dedicated server launcher doesn’t need or use your steam account but you will need an account that owns the map to actually be able to play on your server.

afaik CE servers don’t work like that, I mean host via steam, you either get one from provider or host yourself on private machine (be it physical or virtual) using tool Narelle linked to

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