New Server Welcoming New Players

Hello all.

i have a new server running now and looking for new players to come and join.

Server - Dance With Death. found in the PVP list.

has a discord - highly recommend to join for all communication. Code for Discord is in the server message.

permanent 2x kill exp

everything else same as official

PVP on weekends 11 am to 8 pm.

Events such as raid my base once a month and weekly battles in the battle arena for prizes such as 2 day PVP immunity and legendary items. plus other events.

Experience and harvest rates will increase in lead up to certain events.

Admin Shop for in game currency - still being created.

Starter Kit for all new players - register in discord.

its a simple server that suits the casual player but all are welcome to join :smiley:

i look forward to seeing you.