NEW server with admin and offical server setting only 3x farm speed!

hey are you tierd of cheater and brims blocking? and want play on offical server setting with ADmin? here we have the server for you !

Yesterday the server got in 8 new players, join us now on the new server: Wrath of the Exiles!
A two-days old private server with almost the same rules as Official.
Many building places are free so take the chance now to claim your land.
Why this server?
With an active admin the server can be free from cheating. Admin is not participating in the PVP gaming and is only there to wipe cheaters and create fun events and gameplay for the community.
Info: EU
PC, Wrath of the Exiles,
Working Purge, only between 18.00 - 22.00

It is a PVE server? Players structures are indestructible.


no it pvp server with 3x harvets no rulse like offical build as u wantg only admin come if u meet a cheater or undermesh bases :smiley: you are welcome