New "simplified" armor costs are a little overtuned

I’ll say first that I’ve been super impressed with Funcom’s work on the game since release, and I’m loving all the quality of life changes and new content being put into the game. Nearly everything I’ve seen as of late has been a huge improvement to my gaming experience and I really like it…


When I read that making epic flawless sets of armor was going to be simplified, I was excited at first. I could now make my thralls sets of yamatai/base heavy/etc without needing to run between benches because the costs would be combined or so to make it all in the improved bench. Nice, right?

Each piece takes —TWENTY FIVE— hardened steel. Where the heck did that come from? Even with a named armorer its only reduced to 19, that’s a good 100 (or 80 with a gas mask) hardened steel per set. I don’t really know how the numbers came together but that’s goofy my dudes. Any word on if this might get changed? At this rate I’ll only ever be mass producing silent legion for my thralls. It’s almost easier to make sets of godbreaker gear than it is to make sets of normal heavy armor at this point.


So you need to kill half of Mounds of the dead and run down to Brimstone lake and hit like 3 nodes to upgrade the steel to hardened?

Maybe it’s expensive compared to the old price and to each his own, but to me having to work for 15 minutes is not much

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Yeah we had insane farming runs the last couple of nights

The issue is that it’s considerably more difficult than it was before. I crack my combat slaves on pvp servers in batches of 16, that’s 1216 hardened steel per round. That’s ontop of the 960 alchemical base, 704 hardened leather, 1,408 oil, another few hundred steel for the gas masks, etc etc.

It’s not like I’m not willing to grind for resources it’s just that the cost is way higher than it used to be. This new hardened steel is taking the place of what was once some iron, thick hide and twine. It’s a lot, especially since a tier 4 armorer doesn’t reduce it to 12/13 like you’d expect, but only to 19.

I can see the arguments especially since encumbrance has been buffed via stack size increases, but you can have 50 enc 20 survival 10 agility and some grit with NO armor on, so its not like these nerfs really ruined those builds. Plus the cost increase effects ALL base armor sets not just the encumberance.


If I were mass producing, I’d probably be annoyed by a price increase too… I understand that… I just don’t think it’s expensive with the new price…

Because everyone uses the max encumbrance build, right?

Someone should do the math. There is no reason the price shouldn’t be the same as before.

Figure up what it would cost to make the base piece with a T4 thrall under the old system, figure up what it would cost to upgrade it with a T4 thrall under the old system, and that combined cost is what it should cost to craft it with a T4 thrall under the new system.


The armor costs is not 100% my decision though, and balance should not be based around a single cheesy build.


Trying to avoid a heated argument here, lets bring it down folks. Gearing an end game army is still as easy as it was before, you just have fewer options. If you’re only making a personal suit, you wouldn’t be using the heavy armor anyways since you lose your good roll.

The new epic medium/light is fair, pricewise. Its some thick hide or some hardened leather, so it’s in line with the original cost, which leads me to believe this isn’t an intentional nerf to any one build and possibly just an oversight.

No, arming them with legendary gear or gear grinded from the new dungeon should take a lot of work. Arming them with gear from a crafting station with a T4 thrall should not.

How do you make a cheaper version of it in the upgraded armorer’s bench? I got rid of my standard one because Funcom promised that there would no longer be a reason to run back and forth between the two.

Are you calling Funcom liars? (speculation at the moment as I haven’t confirmed material cost for standard and epic versions)

I dont mind it so much. I usually make one set of heavy for 3 of of my companions. I make 2 sets for me. One Stygian and one Kambujan.

I agree the cost is a litte nuts. But I seem to be swimming in skins to make tar.

I generally call those PVE armor.

I tend to run regular Flawless of the same type in PVP. Just in case.

I dont bother dressing my army up in the finest anymore. I used too. But i agree that with the costs its best to put them in decent easy to manufacture armor.

Now thats not to say that if I get purged and I see the pathing the enemies are coming from that I wont reconsider and put my front lines in something better.

If I am crafting my stuff in one bench, having to run to the other bench to craft theirs, then going back to the first one to pick mine up, and finally back to the other one to pick up their’s, then I am very much running back and forth.

Plus, like I said, I already removed my standard bench because of taking Funcom at their word.

So will everyone else who doesn’t quit the game. You don’t really have a choice. However, that doesn’t mean people have to like it, nor that they shouldn’t voice their displeasure with the current costs.


But you can rebuild it easily, so waht’s the point ? Even in solo / co-op game I found that keeping the old workstation after building the improved one could be useful to speed some craft.
For example, now that iron ore stacks by 1000 with a proper encumbrance build and / or a bearer or caravan pet, you can get thousands or iron to put in the furnace. Having both the regular and the improved one speed up the crafting of iron bars then steel bars then hardened steel bars.
And needing 100 hardened steel bars for a complet armour set isn’t a problem any more…:wink:

Something else is its place now.

Just reduce the cost by 25 hardened steel without an armourer T4. That should make it cost 15 hardened steel with a named slave right?

I was more than a little shocked to see that the Stygian Heavy Epic Flawless which normally asked for chitin now asks for 10 starmetal for each piece in the set.

Thats pretty hefty. Considdering with just a few more ingredients and you could make Silent Legion.

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True. I was more making the point that from what I can see Stygian is probably the most expensive to make. Hardened steal is relatively easy to make or get.

Star Metal seems a touch out of place.

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I have enough to last me. I don’t generally use star metal very much. It’s cheaper to make the Turan Phalanx Armor. Both offer agility and Zoara is a pain to find these days.

I’m ok with most of the changes, the hardest for me is the alchemical base. Which is my fault, I just find gold runs to be so monotonous.