New "simplified" armor costs are a little overtuned

It is more than worth it to work an area where multiple bearers spawn: their supply materials can contain a lot of Alchemical Base. If you find an area where Elite Crocs spawn as well, they occasionally drop base.

I’m perfectly fine with this. More than perfectly fine.

Epics and flawless epics should not be mass produced period. They are singular hero/champion level armours.

Creating mass production of such armours, which results pretty much in an elite force or little army, should not cost less. It should be a pain.

Legendary armours (as one mentioned) that are harder to grind for should be the only thing hard for mass production… no, they are rare legendary armours, they shouldnt even be in the conversation. Apples and oranges.

Its like saying the Spartan Army costs twice as much materials as a Persian army because one uses “flawless epics” and the other might as well be normal light armours, then going off and comparing them to singular legendary armours like Achilleas shield… Wut? So because there is an even rarer legendary item all of a sudden making mass heavy armours should be deemed less of a pain?

Lastly, I am cool with benches separating epic armours from normal armours. It makes it less tedious ofc. That is a nice touch. I am not cool with making normal armour benches obsolete though. And they should have their place in the game and its a good thing you still need them to make lower end armours. Making things obsolete in the game is annoying, and silly. I dare say even simple furnaces have their purpose in the game for mass producing ore fast, being cheaper to make say 5 of those in a row than 6 improved furnaces.

And, Aria, starting to sound like you are creating obstacles in your mind for no reason with such responses as “something else is in its place now” and feels like arguing/responding just for the sake of it. Make a new spot for it. Break down a wall and make a new room. Create a new house. Whatever. This is the most trivial thing to say. Really.

Only the heavy armor versions are costing expensive resources or many of sth.
Light and medium needs thick hide or iron…

So you can still mass produce medium flawless for thralls…

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This is exactly it, and 90% of the people in this thread are missing the point completely.

It’s not that the new heavy armor is IMPOSSIBLE to mass produce. With the new stack rates especially I can pump out thousands of hardened steel in an hour or two with just me farming, it’s not that the new sets are HARD to make, it’s that the new heavy armor recipes are overtuned compared to literally everything else for reasons that make no sense.

You can STILL mass produce the heavy armor, and the other heavy armor sets (silent legion especially) remained unchanged, so mass producing epic flawless for thrall armies is still not a problem, you’re just pigeonholed into using silent legion if you don’t want to farm large amounts of hardened steel for no reason.

Everyone’s using this thread to flex over the increase difficulty and brag over how well they can farm their sets when the whole point is that heavy armor compared to med/light is overtuned.

I also made a thread already:

I think a dev or whoever made this “decision”, forgot about steel… The “jump” alone makes no sense…

Light = thick hide.
Medium = iron
Heavy = hardened steel. But why not STEEL??

IMHO the devs can revert this “simplifying” to create armor, because it just a resource cost increase… Which they never said was a problem from their perspective. The devs wanted to remove running between 2 stations. And not increase the costs massively for 1 tier of armors (heavy).

And I am not even effected, but I still find it stupid… I never run around with heavy armor and never will do. And my thralls get silent legion, where you cannot make epic or flawless.


Yes they should change it to steel with the same numbers, that would be reasonable.


@jot29 and @Ascophyllum have hit the nail on the head. Pre-Warmaker we only needed iron for the mundanes, yet post-patch has done away with the mundanes, and now we need Hardened Steel? That’s out of scale. Give me an exotic armor that gets above 80 percent damage reduction and I’m glad to pay hardened steel. But for 75%, simply not worth it in the era of acid arrows.


I think most elite (1 skulls) have a chance to drop alchemical base.

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I was running around killing bearer thralls for 2 hours tonight and got a grand total of 6 alchemical base. Now I look at my bearer thralls in base and just feel a deep hatred and desire to slaughter them all.

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I didn’t want to because I trusted them and had things organized in a way I liked. I ended up having to do it anyway because the armor plating and such doesn’t appear to be craftable from the upgraded bench either. It’s just sad really.

I got 250 from 2 of them across 3 kills like a week ago.

Sure. It isn’t a pain even with the increased costs though. I guess if you’re literally making hundreds of sets at a time then schmaybe, but if so I can only agree there should be a cost. Pet and thrall spam is bad enough as it is. It’s not like hardened steel is even hard to get.

Getting hardened steel for 1 set of heavy armor is not hard. But heavy armor is not the only thing that uses hardened steel. For the limited time I have for farming I’d rather use that hardened steel for something else, or use the steel for something else.

The balance of rich clans vs poor clans also gets skewed with this (in PvP). Rich clans that have built all they need can make hardened steel for heavy armor, while poor clans need every steel they get to build.

If the heavy armor cost was another resource (like it used to be) it wouldn’t be competing with actually building your base.

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Neither is getting hardened steel for ten sets of heavy armor. A hundred, sure, that’ll take some work. But I think that’s fine.

Of course it would. All resources boil down to the same commodity: playtime x number of players.

I am not sure why you think requiring hardened steel competes with building your base directly though, none of the building parts need hardened steel. Regular steel, sure, and of course hardened steel is made from regular steel, but there has to be a cost to heavy armor and whether it’s steel or hardened steel doesn’t really matter in this regard.

Did you start that sentance without thinking it through? I think so.

It does directly compete with what you need for building your base. No question about that. So clans that need all the steel they can get to build, rebuild or repair won’t have any left to get heavy armor for thralls. You also need hardened steel to upgrade your tools and weapons. Before the patch this was not a problem.

We can agree that it should have a cost, but compared to it’s overall effectiveness the cost is far too high imo.

Eh, no need to get all bent out of shape. Maybe some hardened steel repair kits will mend that?

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They like to constantly say CE is not an MMO, so why should the grind to gear our units be getting closer and closer to what you would find in one of those popular f2p Korean MMOs?

I’m fine with it. Hardened steel never really had much of a use, by the time you get around to making hardened steel weapons you already get access to star metal

No it doesn’t if you plan in advance the building of your base. T3 building and steel is available at lvl 30 but hardened steel is at lvl 50. That let you 20 levels to craft hardened bricks, shaped woods and steel reinforcement for building a base. If you’re smart you can start crafting shaped woods and hardened bricks as soon as you get the workstations to do it between lvl 10 and 15.
On an official server there isn’t any boost for XP so by the time you reach the level to make hardened steel, your base should be finished. And if you play on a private server with XP boost so you level up very quickly… Well it’s your server settings that must be changed not the game.

When I talk about this I have a few assumptions about play that you should keep in mind:

  1. Everyone is level 60. The game doesn’t start until level 60.

  2. Mode of play is PvP

  3. You regularly get raided and need to either rebuild and repair or relocate.

  4. All of your tools and weapons have an upgrade that costs hardened steel.

  5. You regularly lose your weapons and tools because of PvP fights and/or getting killed (and looted) while farming.

  6. Your thralls get killed and you have to make new armor on a regular basis.

Having that in mind, the new heavy armor cost is too high compared to it’s effectiveness and priority. Let me explain a little better.

If you need to rebuild or are starting out, the last thing you do is equip your thralls in epic heavy armor. Usually I make a normal version of heavy armor and equip them with that, which before patch I could then upgrade to the epic version when I could afford it. Now I will have to switch it out and scrap the normal version or store it for a rainy day.

Once I’m done building a base (it’s never actually truly finished though, can always buff the defenses), upgrading weapons and tools, making light armor for myself, prepping buffs, making bombs, breaking thralls and equipping them with normal heavy armor, then I will think about upgrading to epic heavy armor. Before the patch the resources needed didn’t directly compete with all the other things needed (at least less so), but with hardened steel cost epic heavy armor becomes a pure luxury. I want to have steel to spare for repairs and rebuilding (or expansion). So only when everything else is done would I make epic heavy.

Then with the addition of acid arrows I will now probably not craft any epic heavy armors, or even medium epic for my thralls. At least not any thralls in a static defense position.

So now epic heavy armor is a luxury in PvP. This is the real change imo. It’s not useless, but something very very low on your list of things to get.

Epic heavy armor, after patch, costs too much compared to it’s effectiveness.

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