New skin tones bugged or?


So basically it appears that they are just rubbish and not broken which is rather disappointing.


To me them seem more broken then rubbish


They should increase the intensity of these skin tone changers so you have a far more noticeable change on some of the items, some of the screenshots look very similar since the change is so subtle.


No news from devs about this weird bug that hit the new skins?
Btw i am pretty sure it is a bug, because also if seem impossibile have the real color skin of one other race, i see that if i use for example cimmerian skin on cimmerian toon, it will not change my color; if i use two skin as pale + pale, them are not cumulative, but if i use one skin of other race, i continue see my basic color down, this make a really bad effect!


I used the other day an aquilonian rose to a stygian dark girl and the char now passed like in the pictured posted by Force up above, so I retried with same and cimmerian autumn but the preview does not changed it at all, besides, with another char always stygian dark man with same skin tone used for preview on the other one does not show changement at all


I was excited about having the ‘pale’ skin tone because I wanted one of my characters to have a deathly pallor to go with her namesake but it didn’t seem like there was a change when I applied it to her. I was so disappointed because ‘pale’ by the icon is a very specific skin tone that doesn’t (or barely?) change on Stygians.