NEW! Struggle & Survival (2x, Hardcore PvP). "Don't Cheat" is the only rule


Welcome to Struggle & Survival. This server is meant to be a more “hardcore” experience.
Direct Connect:, 30 slots, Located in NYC
1x XP, 1.9x Harvest (essentially 2x, but picking up single stones/branches etc still only gives 1)
NPCs and resources take twice as long to respawn.
There are no map rooms.
Days are longer, but so are nights.
The sandstorm does more damage (including a little even while wearing a mask) and has more paths it can take, as well as the addition of snowstorms in the north.
Purges will have more mobs.

Raiding is 24/7 with building damage halved. I’ve never liked raid windows and it’s not because I’m able to play all day (just the opposite in fact; I have a job and a family). I just think they’re an inelegant solution to the issue of offline raiding. They don’t work for people who have odd schedules or are playing from different time zones. For those who can be on during the raid window, it makes you feel like a slave to the game for those 6 hours every day. It also bugs me that your thralls don’t defend your base outside of the raid window, so people can easily scout every inch of it for vulnerabilities. Yes you will get offline raided, but with halved building damage it will take a lot more effort to get into a well built base. Unless the players object, my plan is to switch to dynamic building damage once Funcom has fixed the bugs with it, at which point building damage will no longer be halved.

I am the only admin. Speaking of, there really are no rules aside from don’t cheat. Say whatever you want in chat; I don’t police speech.

Pippi, ModControlPanel, Better Thralls (only 1 follower), Fashionist, Purge Unleashed Hardcore, IQOL, SandstormEX, SnowstormEX, SandstormFix, Rebalanced Weather 2, WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain, NoxUIchanges, No_Map_Rooms

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Map rooms are back for now, since the mod was removing the new bandage and potion recipes. I asked the mod author to update, so if that happens I’ll reinstall it. I also uninstalled the Glory of Combat mod due to its changes being untested in PvP. Added True PvP (no mounted combat ONLY).


We have a few regular players now. Come join us and lets make this server great.


Removed Lament and the corresponding 5% corruption death penalty. Death is harsh enough on a full loot PvP server.

Increased harvest rate to 1.9x. It’s essentially 2x, but picking up a single stone/branch etc still only gives 1.



removed harder respec mod
removed no mounted combat mod
removed clan size restriction