New Subway TL7 Items (is on LIVE)

What i love so far is that people dont trashtalk and its really a constructive discussion about the upcoming changes + items. Also most of my arguments are that i dont just want new items in the database that arent used. Id like to see a shift from the current full beast stuff etc (more in the armor section below)

Here is what i would love to see for weapons:
All changes till now are good but there are adjustments needed:

The dmg Changes Forz called are really reasonable

Illegally Modified Dreadloch Tigress: Remove the Profession flagg. I wait since LE for a new AS Bow for MAs. (A nice cool extra but maybe too much to ask for: Allow to use Ma Specials with the Bow. Maybe only the defensive ones.)

Illegally Modified Dreadloch Remodulator: Remove it. It was nice when you have been able to assist in pvp (ty to all mb users). Now its just an item that will drop and everbody will be mad about the loottable.

Illegally Modified Dreadloch Trasher: Give it a 5 k ac debuff. I mean nobody will ever use such a low dmg weapon. make it at least increase others dmg in a supportive way.

Lost Blade of Elder Tsunayoshi: If you can give to the Vicious Support Beam of Malice Sneak attack then give it also to lost Blade of Elder Tsunayoshi so that this weapon might be swapped instead of the Obisidian Descrator (Totw 3 Blade).

Distraction Rifle: I honestly have no agents and hate them. Be careful with the proc on it. The dmg seems really low compared to Gan´kar Rifle.

Vicious Support Beam of Malice: Make also a nice sized Atrox version of it (only visual for fun hue hue)

BBI Faithful 1000: We all waited years for a full auto weapon for advy: make it advy sold to have more options and give it a reasonable clip size. Also give it a 50add dmg proc or something to further boost the low dmg output of advy.

Illegal Modified Ofab Mongoose: Dodge check? if you wanna go that route to assit other checks for the Advy low ar in pvp then give it duck check. Else id say evade close combat. Not sure how the proc shall work but if its a normal proc then the proc dmg and the drain is to low. Maybe make the nanodrain % based. Also give it maybe root and snear resist in the modifers to be able to chase someone down.

Not in the weapon Table: Shen Stick. Why is there no Shen Stick? make it a great one with fastattack and sneakattack pls pls please (maybe too op + but if a big 2hb weapon can have sneak then why not the shen stick). + make it 0 sec equipp delay. Maybe only in a big staff version so you can only wear one and have it MA combined attacks. Give it an add crit proc buff. Ma could need it with all the upcomming crit decrease inc in pvp. They have looked so cool back in the day.

Now the next 2 items are where I am afraid of:
Purification Stim: not many who skill nanopool but those who does completly destroy doctors. Ubt lasts 45 sec in pvp and is really hard to land + it isnt casted instand. And on top of all that you getting hit by any dmg the enemy is using on you no matter how much ar he has. so you are anyway under constant pressure and have to heal most of the time. Either put the cooldown up or increase ubts duration or make it instant cast again.

Patchwork Defensive Drone: Many have said it before me but we want a shift from beast ch. This HP increase through that item is insane and will only benefit these CH plays even more. ( i honestly never liked the CH and really think you should remove Beast CH from the game but thats a different story)

Amalgamated Research Attunement Device: This Item looks Wierd. Make it a clean cut items so you know where to use it properly. Atm it looks more to be a mixed doc item to me but i might be wrong. Or make it right clickable so that it give different stats for different profs.

Combat Assist Wen Wen: To short duration and to long cooldown. Also the equip delay is really way to high. On bs its hard to equipp after using buffgear because you are getting attacked while not ready + zoning etc

Eye of the Psion + Technical Guidance Personal Terminal: Lower the requirements a bit (maybe 1600 - 1650 ish?) Many play their characters on low cl to safe ip . They land at 1560 cl for the beast armor not to go OE. Would might need lots of people to strip etc cause its a bonus buff item and increase total huds for 40 nanoskills (non upgraded nano enhancer is swapped out). Also Make the Eye of Psion utils 2 wearable pls. The restriction there makes honestly no sense to me.


The Items are really great so far but there is maybe some changes that would benefit more:

The Eumenides´s Omni-Pol Forest Body Armor is now an Update for any Assult Rifle soldier that had the Operative chest for dmg on. No other prof like ma is buffed that much with that item. The rest take it for off add dmg and crit. I think we could modify it a bit: Make it have all ranged skills: Add Aimedshot Flingshot Mg/Smg Shotgun etc on it. so its comparable to the bonuses that ma gains from the operative chest.

Mark of the Bloodless: Common Evade / Def Setups are atm either CSS (30 evades on all) with +45 ar for each ranged prof or beast (more for the CH + Max Hp). That new sleeve isnt bad but if i am ranged then the argument to take that item is if im doc. Docs dont benefit much from evades. So it looks to me more like a niche item for zazen Bow MA. So why would i take that over a CSS Sleeve?. there are pros and cons yes but i think the css is in total atm better cause the +30 pure weapon skills + off). So i think up the evades + nr up to 30 for the lack of weapon skills.

Reinforced Cyborg body amor could have +2 - +3 %nano dmg on it to see it as a little update to the enhanced kegerns armor. Maybe this would make some nts shift away from full beast.

Item Changes:

The Kick pistol change is really something i am unsure what to think about. There is a big Pro and a big con in my eyes.
To me this is a pvm only weapon. Why change the dmg output for those who have hardly twinked those in? Beeing a 1-2 min slower or faster doenst change anything.
This was Endgame pvm for max dmg for any prof and we have seen no versatility.

Other changes:

Beast ch is strong enough. Awak Burden shouldnt give 100 Ar. Before that u had arround 20 ar in a back slot. Nerfing that armor helps to see changes there. I mean its pure add all off. Even -100 Ar would make still others wearing it for the ch. There must be a bigger downside then only the items you have to equipp like gloves to enable the beast ch. Its to strong right now. That +100 Ar is the reason why this Set is allowing to shift away from Ofab /ai armor

Also Missing Illegaly Modified Ofab Hawk - Fixer had Envy for years. Serioulsy they are since Blancing bad. Also the high numbers of Nts Makes them worse. Give them a nice weapon (either for all Profs so solds can use it too or fix only) with flingshot so that they can use the flingshot from at least there and not from Craphander

pls comment stay constructively …
Sorry for my bad english if anything is hard to understand lemme know so that i edit my post

I agree with most of what rock has said, but i dont think the remod needs to be removed, its still a viable setup in mass pvp today and seeing a little update to it is nice. Another buff to it that could be considered is making the nr debuff stack, for example it adds -200 nr debuff everytime it hits, up to 1k maybe, like the nt NR debuffs.

Also a really cool weapon to add would be a new dreadloch freedom arms, but give it aimed shot thx

The crat back armor is still way behind, no crat will use that over the vagabond cloak or the new bulwark

Would be prety NICE, imo, if TL7 Subway would work as lowbie one - single player and team one. There is NONE dungeons for Tl7 (with anything worth to go for) for Tl7. Subway could be such place.

Also - I see many people talk about Awakened CH - making viable setup with newest gear has a weak point - many professions can hotswap Awakened parts in duels/pvp - so making it diverse (setup wise) would req some really HIGHER stats to actually twink it, to counter hot swap. And I am talking about new items.

As a long term player and also quite experienced I see many NEW NEW NEW possibilities in setup. Actually, new items posted above enhance GREATLY 2 setups I was developing lately and all I can say is :HURAAAAAAAA: because at least 2 new options come to play, which will improve diversity greatly.

2hb enfo setups gonna be so fun, look forward to some duels with u once we get the gear :grin::grin::grin:

Nice updates!

Anyway 2hb must have better crit dmg!

I say not to flag prof remove on Tigress, Ofab Tiger was for everyone before and they needed to remove it, maybe its good idea make it MP-MA weapon, but ofc not MA specials usable with

PDKP nerf was neccesary imo

Also why not Awa CH nerf and make it 50% hp? And will see if more nerf needed

Anyway changes seems good, nice job! keep working!

Love the ideas and all the positive feedback. I agree on removing Beast CH or increasing cooldown or at the very last make it self only. Most of the items look good but the 2he weapon 100% needs sneak attack added and the new soldier weapon needs to be AR and not ranged energy with some minor min and max damage increases. If no changes are made to beast CH then like above post they need to make the new subway armor so attractive and good that people will seriously contemplate dropping beast armor for the better upgrades. Amazing to see new ideas and updates so please FC keep it coming and really pay attention to the communities feedback.

2hb Enfo of mine will L O V E this!
My AR soldier WILL L O V E this!
My HW Engi WILL L O V E this!
My Secret Project WILL L O V E this (and pvpers will hate me, HA)

If any changes should be made to awak CH, i think the best would be to make it self only and perhaps increase the cooldown on it, by a minute or so.

hi when will MP get FUllauto on tigress? Thank you

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First off, awakened CH: remove it. CH should not be for every profession, that’s why the CH nanos exist. The armor is op enough on its own to use certain pieces in your setups.

Bau cyber armor: as someone who plays an adv I would rather see some trader drain resistances added to pieces (probably boots or gloves, instead of root or dot resists. As an adv the minute they are drained and can’t cast regular heals they are useless. Give us some choices to combat that a little bit.

pdkp nerf: Honestly this seems a bit heavy handed and unnecessary. Maybe a 50-100 damage crit decrease. 200 seems too large of a nerf, and why not target agent rifles which are one of the most problematic profs in the game right now. Pdkp was far from the list of overpowered things in my list, at least for pvp. Seeing as how so many crit decrease items are being introduced.

combat assist wen-wen: it’s already a nerf to even equip this since you’re giving up one of the new (or old) op hud/util items to use it. But that’s not the main problem. The main problem for me is the First aid 1200s lockout. Use it, it lasts for 30s and then you can’t use first aid stims for 20 minutes? No thanks

I also agree, if you add sneak to the 2hb you need to probably add it to the 2he as well. I also can see that it would take away from 2hb being a unique thing to bring back into pvp, so I’m kind of conflicted on it.

purification stim: again instead of removing ubt or dots, I would rather see it remove trader drains

BBI faithful 1000: why the 2000 aimed shot debuff from equipping it? the only other option you’ll have for AS is onehander, since troa’ler already debuffs fullauto. I’m not really following why that change was necessary

just my initial thoughts about the current state of the update


Not sure why the BBI faithful has -2000 AS for a profession specific weapon. Not like advies have insane AR let alone insane fullauto AR.

Also until awakened is nerfed no one will use these pieces of armor except for like docs and pvmers.

I have never heard anyone complain about Perfected Diamondine Kick Pistol. Why make change to it. Tons of people use it and have to redo chars they enjoy as they are now.


Considering that PDKP is a PVM item, the only one that is used across the board by different ranged profs for maximising damage. What on earth is the point in nerfing it?
It’s not viable for pvp, if people don’t like just don’t use it, the item existing as it is doesn’t conflict with anyone’s interest.



Perfect Replica of Excalibur already have SA, and u can almost insta swap with HEOT, i would love that combo for 2hb (Bhan’Zor Hammer have 5s equip time) , but if they give SA to a decent weapon is even better

Anyway I will love HEOT with SA :slight_smile:

Yeah that PDKP nerf is maybe excessive, but im ok with nerf.


IMO Dreadloch Tigress look is way better than Illegaly-Modified one :S

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What they should do about the awakend CH, is put a lock on it, so its not usable while flagged or in BS.
Simple and your welcome btw, i just fixed that problem for the pvp whingers :blush:

About the PDKP, nerf its quite heavyhanded and way over the top imo.
Instead of nerfing its crit dmg,. I propose adding tradeskill requirements to it, or perhaps prof lock it to Traders & Engineers.

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I for the life of me do not understand the PKDP nerf.

As a shotgun Soldier frankly this is a strange move. The DD really just puts us in the same tier as the already massively overpowered pet classes and Legshot just allows us to actually be useful at stuff like DB3 and Collector.

And in PvP in the Awakened CH/NT/Multibox era… This gun is really not an issue.

Also, I never actually seen anyone ever complain about PKDPs. Especially considering it’s not exactly one of those items that are either easy to get or make viable.

I can only see PKDP agents as being a real problem, but that’s a problem with Agents and not the gun, and nerfing everyone else just to reign in PDPK agents… Seems an odd move.


It looks like the Boots of Gridspace Distortion can be used every 5 minutes, and the Gridspace Emissary buff lasts 5 minutes too. So players can have the buff all the time, but have to keep clicking the boots. Would it not be better to make the buff last 4 hours like all other runspseed buffs?

Also we talked quite a bit about it on discord, but it’s not been mentioned here yet. Any chance to drop the non-neutral requirement on the belt? It fits nicely thematically with the original Belt of Justice for sure, but that’s an item of very limited use. Restricting the new best belt in the game like that is not fun.


The huge blow on ppl who farmed all there toons for pdkp setup is a huge punch in there faces. Not see why this is necessary its just gonna make ppl stop playing.
My dpkp toons are Trader and 2 soldiers and 1 Engie.
The hours you need to spend to make that set up i really don’t even wanna know.

I really would consider to remove this planned nerf cuz all it does is just blow stare up some drama.
There is a lot of other stuff you can nerf the awakened CH for example its a lot you can nerf but PDKP is not the one of em.


That’s the thing with the PKDP tho. It’s not exactly either a gun that you just slap on and run with it, nor something you just put together on fly.

It’s a massive time and gear sink, especially on profs that aren’t TS oriented.

If they didn’t want Soldiers, Agents, Crats with them, they could have just made it Engi/Trader from the get go before collectively pooping on everyone’s time and work.