New system followers

You cannot save a satellite since it was attacked
You cannot save a satellite so you are not on your land
You cannot save a satellite as it follows you
Why do you need the RESCUE button if you can’t save? What is its meaning if I cannot get my follower out of battle? Move away that he moved to me? Great idea, but you broke it and now the followers are not teleported, but transferred (which is difficult to do when you are surrounded by enemies). Oh, the player came up to the cliff, a great time to telepooooooooooooort. Now go look for his corpse to pick up the equipment, because we will not show you on the map where he fell and where his body was carried.
P.S.: By the way, when will the armor racks be introduced?

Need a button to move the traveling satellite to you.
It is necessary to cancel the fall damage for slaves. (You cannot push the enemy off a cliff with a kick, it rests against the edge like a wall). You (the developers, moderators, and administrators) yourself know about the problem of falling thralls, why not make them immortal during a free fall or introduce an item “Parachute” for everyone, which opens automatically when it falls for more than half a second.

the last update is terrible.

All the same, they introduced a lot of cool and useful things, such as a rope on horseback and a follower along with the horse. That’s cool. Really cool. But at the same time several mechanics broke. And if you take into account that the old broken mechanics are not repaired, then the game has more problems each time.
The main thing is to buy new foundation sets

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