New TABs order for console because ...... yes! :)

Can’t speak for anybody but me of course but believeing that most players act more or less the same I like to suggest a different TAB order for more convinience and usebility. TAB order from left to right:

Inventory / Inventar
Map / Karte
Challenges / Herausforderungen (Battle Pass)
Attributes /Atribute
Knowledge / Wissen
Followers / Getreue
Stats / Werte
Clan / Klan
Journey / Reise
Battle Pass

I’m single player/pve however thus can’t say if Clan player and or pvp might chose a different order. Let me know what you people think if this would make sense to you to? Salute!

In my opinion it would be too much effort for something on what anyone could get used to eventually.

It only takes some time.

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Yeah, what’s the purpose? Can almost guarantee a change like this would just frustrate people.


That’s what I thought as well, more poeple would get annoyed from this feature, not to mention how much data space it would need in addition.

Not a good idea, imo.

The purpose is to avoid crashes by opening (bazar, battle pass tabs) or tab through 6 pages of only frequently used tabs. You can get used to everything … like game crahses 3 out of 5 times you open the battle pass page.
Playing on PC might not be such an issue because you can directly click on the tab you want but gaming on console makes you roam through 6 tabs just to take a look at the map or you have to go through bazar, battle pass and challenges and risk crashing 3 out of 5 times which is both very frustrating.
Makes one hell of a difference for console players.

PS: I edited the headline.

I think this is more the topic for direct bug report for the developers, with some specifics. I bet there are many console players who experience similar problems, and on PC there is no problem about, but something should be done about it.

In my opinion you should write this directly in the section which is dedicated to solve those personal bugs and crashes. Debating about making new system in this matter won’t do, especially when the accessing some of those categories in current UI is not working correctly anyway.

Here you can get some user opinions, but it won’t solve your problem.

Try for example this:


Yeah, was thinking about moving that to the PS section. Makes more sense. Salute.

Point of order.

I agree it would be of zero to miniscule value to change the Tab order and could, most likely, just be an annoyance to folks who have played the game more than 30 minutes.

However, the rearranging of the order would take about 15 minutes, total. It’s just a list in a table with the order specified with a variable, at most, or a text field with the entries listed. However, if they have the subsets, the items beneath the menu, tagged to the table order rather than a unique key field of the table entries, that would be a nightmare.


Agreed. As a PS player, I can understand the frustration, but it won’t solve anything. The bigger issue is really just fixing whatever the underlying bug is that causes the new tabs to crash the system. We have the workaround to use left on the dpad, but it’s not a solution to the overall problem. It’s just a bandage.


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