New temp elixir from buccaneer bay

I got a recipe last night, as i finally ran through the Buccaneer Bay area. Can’t recall the name, but it said it gave temp resits (both cold and warm). I tested, and i think it worked as it reduced me to soothing in volcano, and then again in the the cold. Wiki has nothing on it. I was hoping to get the time is it lasted and how it worked. does it adjust to the biome you are in, or is stuck to the biome you consume it in?
I was in the middle of PVP raid time when i decided to test it. Not the best time, but Iguess Taffer would be proud…

when updating the potion wiki page, i tested the elixir and in my experience it reduced temporarily the temperature effect by 1 step. from very cold to cold, from extremely hot to very hot. it felt as if it lasted as long as warming up effect from a consumable.


Thanks. Yeah, i may test more exesively. My stat screen had message that impervious to effects for a while. It might be that you still get the “effect” on screen and gauge wise, you just don’t take damage.

on my screen the effects were changing with every potion taken

I jumped from the volcano and into the frozen north. Started to get frostbite, but damage was not going down, but effect status was still listed. Again, will do a true test tonight.

The recipe is Stygian Alchemy and the potion by the way is Vehemence Elixir.

The wiki already had them, it was just the general potion page not updated :wink:

I didn’t tested this elixir very well, but it seemed to work at first sight. There’s a lot of things now to cooling down or warming up, the problem will be to see if it’s worth it in comparison to other solutions for temperature’s problems :wink:

At that price it would want to last an hour at least.

Usually potions last that time, but I had not still tested well so I don’t know how long it last.

Did a slight test last night
Wore the Chosen of asura full set in the bat caves. Took the elixir, never got past extreme cold. I will go back tonight and not take it and see what the true setting is.
I was also speced at 4 survival (15 atts, 5+15 armor, +5 shield, +2 weapon,+3 elixir). Will replicate that set up.
Then do a 2 survival (+15 armor, +5 shield only) and a 0 survival.

No points in Survival, +30 vitality.

1st test: was cold with Epic Flawless Khitan on Bridge of the Betrayer, took an elixir went down to Soothing. In about 2 min the effect was gone and back to cold/very cold.

2nd test: I had frostbite (with full heat gear), took the elixir, went for a few seconds to extremely cold and went back to frostbite and I kept taking damage. The elixir was not enough to stop the frostbite when wearing full heat gear. Once I swapped a few pieces to cold resistance, I was able to keep the frostbite in check with the elixirs.

3rd test: ported from soothing + elixir effect on to volcano. Heatstroke in a second + damage taken:

4rd test: swapped to heat gear Epic Flawless Pictish which brought me to Hot and Soothing with Elixir (in about 2 min, I was back to Hot):

5th test: remove some parts till i get Extremely Hot + took 2 elixirs and was back to Hot/Soothing (1 for Extremely Hot - Very Hot, 2nd Very Hot - Hot). In about 2 min back to Extremely Hot.

As a side note, on 3rd elixir you get +Vitality, on 5th you get +Str and Alcohol Poisoning.

tldr. The elixir in an alcoholic drink that cools or heats depending on the situation. 1 elixir = 1 step down e.g Very Hot - Hot. Multiple elixirs can be applied but remember it is an alcoholic drink so you will have the side effects from it. The effect lasts about 2 min. If your body temperature is extremely low or extremely high, the elixir will only last a few seconds (2-3).

These are my tests :slight_smile:


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