New Terms of Service clarification

I am wondering if we will be getting an elaboration on this:
“Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side”

I ask as building is kind of a thing in Conan Exiles and TBH people build some MASSIVE bases. Some servers that PPL seem to no life have PPL staying in these builds for 6 months and beyond.

Mind you, I am not complaining about them and have no prob with them (I mean they put in the time really).

I am just thinking it would be nice for this statement to have some definitive follow up that is less abstract.


The only thing I’m worried about is the loss of performance on client side. If player A has a brand spanking new PC that can run everything in “cinematic quality” without breaking a sweat and player B has a potato, it’s easy for player A to build something that player B will report, without either of them having bad intentions.

Then again, it’s pretty easy to detect when someone built something intentionally to cause lag. If that’s what they’re aiming for, it might be nice to update the language to make it clearer.

Maybe we’ll just have to rely on their common sense.




Unfortunately it’s probably one of those things not easily defined. Of primary concern as a server admin would be builds so massive that they affect server performance. Client performance is secondary.

On consoles it’s relatively easy since they all have the same specs. Every XBox One is the same, every PS5 is the same, etc. etc. So a build that affects one is very likely going to affect all the others. It’s one of console gaming’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.

PCs are different. As @CodeMage mentioned, one player might have a real beast of a machine that could easily handle it if someone built a full scale model of an imperial star destroyer. But another person might have a toaster that is barely capable of rendering a 4x4 hut. As such, the line between what’s acceptable and what is too big is exceptionally blurry.


I believe the new building rules are for any builds that clearly are causing server crashes when people walk in the zones. Or massive structures that scale across the map and are connected to share decay timers so they don’t have to actually move to one base or another (yes, people do it). Also, placing ton of objects like lights to cause server lag. Land claims with random huts are also a big issue. If it serves no function to your main build, don’t build it. If you want to do the things above, please go to single player mode.


There are actually pretty huge performance disparities for console. This is a cross generation game, made all the more complex by the volume of different versions of the consoles

The Xbox version needs to work on the original XB1, XB1S, XB1X, as well as the XB series S and series X.

Since all these people play on servers together what experience each will have will vary significantly.

There is a group on my server who has a base so big it takes minutes for it to render on some members original Xbox’s, but I can walk right up on the series x and not even have a stutter. Several of the members spread out to make their own smaller bases that didn’t wreak havoc on their consoles

I do understand your point and agree it’s way harder on PC to account for all the variables on different builds. It’s just a particularly complicated time for console gaming currently and definitely isn’t as easy as it was even fairly recently


Is it forbidden to combine a timer? I often do this, the rules do not say anything about it, for example. My base usually consists of one large and many small watchtowers. After I connect the large base and the small one, I delete all unnecessary buildings, so it doesn’t take up that much land.
This is why I don’t like such imprecise rules. It would be better just inside the game to make some kind of tax restrictions on buildings / occupied area. Then it would be clear exactly what is not necessary to build further.


I think they were talking about people who join builds that are very far apart, sometimes entire map squares, rather than just using it to keep one build easier to maintain

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Maybe yes, maybe not. Although I don’t see any particular problem with combining the build timer in the jungle and in the volcano, if these bases do not take up a lot of land and do not create additional lags. And the rules, as always, do not say anything for sure.

I’m sorry @Morlang, but I think they did cover it when they said:

“Please read through and consider the spirit of the rules, not just the specific wording.”

Connecting a couple of guard towers to your main building is a completely different ball of wax then connecting a jungle base and a volcano base. The jungle and volcano are at least 4 grid squares apart (as the crow flies), but you would have to build around the green wall which makes it closer to 6 or 7 grids squares. Clearly an unnecessary tax on the server, not to mention the resources blocked, would make it against the spirit of the rules.


When people connect bases, they remove all connecting buildings when they bring the building to the desired location (otherwise this path will lead the enemy to your hidden base). So in the end you have two small hidden bases in different parts of the map. Cant ever see any “tax” on the server and do not block any resourses.

You are just here to argue something. None of that is what I said. Building a land bridge from starter area to volcano is more of what I was talking about.


Are you saying that if the two bases were built as one, at the same time, and then the connecting pieces which span across 5+ grids are removed, would still act as one building, with a shared timer?! I was not aware of that at all. If that is what you meant than I agree with you. But that is clearly not something that would get complained about unless you left the connecting structure for days. In fact people wouldn’t even know the two were ever connected.

That’s true, because those buildings share a building ID. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to call that an exploit, because there’s no good reason why two buildings that are not inside the same claim should share a building ID other than “we initially programmed it that way and never prioritized fixing it because it didn’t seem like a big deal”.

Honestly, I’m pretty sick of people using that trick on PVE(-C) servers, partly because most of them never bother to remove the connecting pieces, but mostly because it’s bad enough that you can refresh one base with 30 seconds of time a week, you shouldn’t be able to build 4 bases in the 4 corners of the map and refresh them all at once.


I think for a PVP server where undermesh and flying bases exist, this is quite normal. Just for information, you cannot even write a report on the flying base, because it simply cannot be found. It’s so high that it doesn’t even render. Search by foundation doesn’t work either. If you try to build under such a base, the foundation will simply not be placed, but you will not see the inscription “this land is already claimed”. So if you call everything in a row exploits, then it’s easier just to break the rules at once on a large scale.
People quite often complain about relatively fair players because they just can’t find real exploits.

First of all, undermeshing and flying bases have no bearing on whether the shared building ID trick is an exploit or not. Either it’s an exploit or it isn’t. If it’s an exploit, it shouldn’t be used regardless of whether someone else is using a completely different exploit or not.

So the real question is whether it’s an exploit or a legal technique. The only ones who can give a final verdict on that are Funcom devs. You and I can give our reasons why we believe that it is or isn’t an exploit, but we’re not the one who make the rules.

Personally, I believe it is, because it depends on a flaw in the code and it gives you a significant and unfair competitive advantage over other players, but arguing about it is moot. At the end of the day, it’s up to Funcom to decide.

As for it being “easier to just break the rules at once on a large scale”, whatever floats your boat. Whoever thinks “if they won’t let me put my feet on the table, I might as well shoot myself in the foot” deserves whatever they get :man_shrugging:

They don’t get anything. If you have a flying base, you are well done and you will not be banned. There will simply be no one to report to.
Oh yes, I forgot, you can change the settings in the Engine.ini file to remove the fog and increase the visibility range. Then you can find a cheater. But apparently then you will be banned too.
In any case, if you want to limit something, you need to do it programmatically, and not through the “spirit” of the rules. So this is just an opportunity for players who want to push someone out, bombard them with reports.

I have tested it multiple times and i can never build it so high that it won’t render, it ALWAYS render (when on ground it shows black dot). Are you sure about that?

Ye, i am sure. You should teleport far from it, and then come back a little bit later. Try to use the noob river location, there are some locations with the biggest gap between ground and high limit level.

Maybe it’s the fact that i have disabled fog?