New Terms of Service clarification

“Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side”

That is slightly better than the old version, but still leaves a lot up to interpretation. Like I said before though, it’s not something all that easy to define.

I agree with this conceptually. Practically though I don’t see any solution that FC would actually implement that can satisfy our desire for a fair system for both parties that is not hard limits on building. Furthermore I don’t see any evidence to suggest that FC has been so malevolent in the issuing of bans such that we should sacrifice our freedom to build so that we can be safe from their judgement. I am more than open to being convinced otherwise with actual evidence of their unfair hand if it’s available.

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There’s a difference between “clear” and “specific”. But honestly, I don’t expect you to pay attention to it. Keep cherry picking.

At this point I regret posting this. Probably I should post the rest of screenshots of this base, because, as I mention this base is two map squares wide. The base is SO BIG that when you stay in the middle of it you can’t see where the base ends, because the draw distance is smaller than this base. And all buildings of this base are like this one from the screenshot. Just big empty shells.

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Everybody, including my green ass, has seen countless shells like that. That’s the signature of the clan that fizzled out before black ice.


it has never been specific,

problem 1 performance rule on what? under what test bed (client side) under what server hardware or server database? ?

i can run any large structure like a breeze with my main pc current hardware… but someone with a very old pc will most likely lag. see the problem?

problem 2, ok i got a large structure, how much of it i need to remove in order to comply with what funcom says its ok or within the set limits? i am running out of time, since grace period ends on the 27…

building abuse for me is land claim without any use or purpose, (ie the long spider legs made of foundations , built to no other use but to grief or to prevent others from building. but perfectly built structures, should never fall into that category. specially PVE,

I never claimed it was specific. Sufficient maybe. You keep acting like things are going to change on the 27th but they will not. The rule didn’t change in intent, only in language.

Guess we will just have to agree to disagree here. Public servers aren’t there so you can build you’re private kingdom/amusement park. In fact it is a waste of FCs resources to provide public servers so that only a handful of players can take up all the space with pet projects. It just make introducing new players to the CE ecosystem needlessly difficult.


you see, there it is.

ok, i am ok with not allowing those “parks” but for me a amusement park could be huge several map grids wide , for you maybe 1/8 of the same thing, …

whatever is big for you and for me or for funcom can be a very very different thing. hence the need of clarification and why this thread exist.,

the only opinion that matters regarding this issue is funcom really. as our opinions will never cause a ban.

for some pvp players who loves to build really ugly borg cubes, anything in a pve server is just insanely large.

And they have given it to you - in words and in deeds. They have also given themselves room to make decisions on a case by case basis. If you still cant sleep at night, keep deleting blocks until you can.

Asking FC to say at X blocks you will be banned is building limits, period. As it stands now you can swing your arms all you want so long as you don’t hit anybody - that is a better system.


do you know why this thread exist? BECAUSE there is no information what is within what limits and what not.

if you have anytghing to add regarding limits , say so. your current answers does NOT help to asnwers the op questions.

thank you…

Because some of you didn’t know there was already a rule against building so much it ruined performance- for like years? Because others want to shoehorn in build limits so they can feel safe from being banned?

I do and I have. Limits are BAD for reasons you can find in page after page within numerous discussions on the forums. Sorry you don’t like what I have to say on the subject, not sorry for saying it.


there was, but it was never intended in the way it seems to be heading now, and since there is A grace period people want to understand what some of us need to remove, if anything!!! have an idea. on what is allowed and whatnot.

people have the right to know. that is why this thread exist. this thread is not meant for complaining about overbuilt bases, FEEL FREE to create your thread, so you can vent all you want regarding how people abuse the building system, and why they need to be banned i will advice you report those abusers but use zendesk for that, otherwise it is very unlikely they will act.

not what i see, you are derailing the thread into something else, if you have something to add regarding the limits, and what is ok or what is not , please share. but please stay on topic.

This is really all that needs to be said. These aren’t new building rules, and they are more clear than they were two weeks ago.

We haven’t seen a rash of unfair bans. We do see people claim they were banned unfairly, but in the several months I’ve been here I’ve only seen two people who have been banned admitting their own wrongdoing.

All the rest blame it on other players reporting them or FC being out to get them

As an analogy, There are certainly some innocent people locked up in prison for a crime they didn’t commit, but if you survey the prisoners 99% of them will claim that they are innocence.

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the most intelligent line I have read ever on this forum.

Well, if by default you think that 99% of the banned are rightly banned, then it is logical that you will never see “rash of unfair bans”. Even if funcom will simply ban everyone who has been playing for a long time and does not buy a new license.

Yeah I guess you didn’t read much of what I wrote if that’s your take away. Shame.

You are welcome to flag my posts as off topic, the gods will sort it out.


yes, and yet you have not added what are those limits , you just keep going around the same thing ,. large buildings are bad, how big is it bad? and then you come around with smart arse comment such as :

now can you please tell me what does the sentence above add to the conversation or to the thread? besides “trolling” people?

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While we wait for the clarification, one proactive approach to confirm if there were any issues with my PvE builds on console came from other players.

With one of my long gone bases, someone told me that it was taking too long to go around it. I made a path trough it for them.

Another time I was told that torches were causing lag, I removed them all. Half of my base was dark, and I only used a few light sources on the active parts.

Most recently, when I experienced rendering issues, I was told it was the work benches. Now I take them out of chests when needed and put them away if and when I remember.

Now, my bases are smaller (than before) consisting of non-connected buildings with open doors, and the pre-existing ancient roads are free and clear.

Can someone still report me? Sure.
Does my build cause performance issues? Perhaps
Can someone block my access? Yes. But only one side (the no build zone expanded near me).

Anyway, the point is that some of us know certain things can cause issues and we can help each other avoid possible rule braking pitfalls (or maybe not cause you really what that spot).


Levity, though it seems to be lost on you.

NO BUILDING LIMITS. I’ve said it multiple times now. Hear me this time. The rule is not about building it’s about the effects that your building has on others on a public server. If you can build a giant base without violating any of their stipulations, go ahead.

This rule has been around for two years now. They have banned people for violating it. Why them changing the language to be more clear should warrant calling for building limits is beyond me.


Again we CONSISTENTLY see players complaining about filing reports with mounds of evidence and not seeing action soon enough or at all. This pretty much makes the whole “they just ban based solely on reports!” or “they just ban people for fun because they can” arguments completely unbelievable

There is no level of specificity that can combat imagined wrongs committed by FC in some possible future. You are complaining about something you’ve decided is going to happen, which doesn’t line up very well with what we’ve previously seen from FC moderation.

If FC moderation liked to ban people for kicks they’d already be doing it. We’d already see the posts on Reddit and vids on YouTube of people who could show you footage of their base that got unfairly deleated because between streamers and you tubers there is a lot of compiled footage. There is no way that haphazard bans wouldn’t have hit a single one of these players if they were a common practice