New Terms of Service clarification

If this were true then no one would ever report players on PvE servers.

If you get reported for breaking the rules that’s on you, not on the reporter. If you are trash talking someone in a way that is against the rules then you are the one doing something wrong, and even players who aren’t offended should report you, because using slurs and other discriminatory language is making the game toxic and less enjoyable for everyone.

Then you go on to complain about how other players are cheaters, which doesn’t line up with your earlier statement of people reporting because they can’t beat you on pvp.

If there are cheaters who get banned people are reporting them, so obviously “most people” aren’t actually only abusing the report system


Oh please. As if PvE has no trolls and everyone gets along peacefully just because the game doesn’t let you smack each other in the head.

No, that’s on the reporter. The reporter has to explain how you are breaking the rules. Going the other way around is how you get things like witch trials and inquisitions and kangaroo courts. Or the digital equivalent, which is what would apply here.

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Oh, that’s clever. We’re supposed to believe the those who report infractions on PVE servers are themselves trolls, not those who break the rules.

The process goes like this:

  • You do something that I think breaks the rules.
  • I grab the evidence of that and submit a report.
  • Funcom reviews the evidence and bans you.

You can blame yourself or Funcom. Blaming me for it is disingenuous at best, gaslighting at worst.


Well, actually, building claim and anti climb on trees is to prevent people from building in those trees and jumping into your base.

Its been done before.

If you actually believe nobody does that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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I was directly responding to the post I quoted which claimed the only reason most people report others is because they can’t “legally” beat his clan

If a “troll” reports you on PvE it certainly doesn’t back up the post that I was responding too. As a matter of fact it would be a direct refutation of said post

Regardless, if you get reported for spam that’s degrading the server or land claim spam it’s still not on the person reporting you that you broke the rules.

If you are indeed degrading the server or employing other types of spam, most people on the server who’s performance or game is being effected would likely consider the person who built a mega structures that turns their game into a into a slideshow the troll in the situation rather than the person who reported them

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Right, because it’s the accusation that determines guilt. Not evidence. :roll_eyes:

Allow me to refresh your memory:

That is an absolutely ridiculous assertion. People get reported on PvE servers all the time that are not actually breaking the rules. Thankfully Funcom leans more toward giving people the benefit of the doubt.

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I never said it was true. I said if the argument I was responding too (you know, the one that I quoted in that exact post) were true then people wouldn’t be reporting people on PvE. Which is patently absurd, because we all know that people get reported on PvE as well

You really seem to want to argue a point I never made. Go back and read the quote I responded too, the one that claims that most players report to beat PvP clans they can beat “legally”

I also made it clear that FC was the one choosing to ban people based on the evidence they’ve received.

@CodeMage even posted a picture of the information and evidence they ask for when reporting

Even if a person who reports you has less than pure intentions it doesn’t matter. What matters is if they have enough evidence of you breaking the rules when they report you, because if they don’t you won’t be banned.

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And how exactly does people being falsely reported to try and get them banned lead to nobody being falsely reported on PvE servers? That is absurd.

As for the rest, take a close look at this statement:

You are making the assumption that the person reported actually was spamming and therefore it’s their fault for being reported.

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I was wondering about this whole thing where you don’t read most of other people’s arguments and then misrepresent – or pretend to misunderstand – the part you deigned to read. I thought I was missing the entertainment factor because I was on the receiving end, but no, it turns out it’s just as depressing when it’s directed at someone else.

It’s not that hard to understand what @OctaviousWrex was saying: the claim that most people only report infractions in order to “beat” their opponents would logically mean that virtually nobody reports infractions on PVE servers. Your rebuttal? “But what about trolls who seek to abuse the system.” That’s begging the question.

Here’s an idea: if you an @Rino are convinced that the reporting system exists largely to be abused and those abuses are rampart, how about you substantiate those claims? I mean, isn’t evidence supposed to determine guilt, rather than accusation?

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Last week, before the announcement, I finished construction of a big fortress on Siptah, on top of big hill. It’s quite big. And now, my clan leader and I are wondering how big is too big, and we’re worried that the fortress might be wiped out. Are we worrying for nothing? I’d certainly like to know.


No, it really wouldn’t. It’s non sequitur. There is no logic that takes you from one to the other. If anything it would mean people would report others on PvE servers more because the settings of that server prevent beating them any other way.

“Beating” them? In a non-competitive game mode? Talk about non sequiturs.


You’d be surprised at how competitive some people can get even in non-competitive environments. It’s kind of the reason we need something like “laws” and “rules” in the first place.


I’m not surprised that there are trolls and griefers on PVE servers. That’s where I play. That’s not competition, though, that’s just people being asshоles. Those are the people who break the rules and get reported and get banned. That’s, as you say, why the rules are there. If you have proof about widespread abuse of those rules, then by all means share it. Until then, your defense of those claims remains FUD.


No I’m not, if you would read entire posts instead of quoting pieces of my posts and preceding to act like that’s all I said you would see I clearly said if you get reported AND you are breaking the rules AND the reporting party provides enough evidence AND Funcom decides to ban you for breaking the rules that’s is not the reporting party’s fault that a rule breaker got banned.

It’s pretty baffling that I am still trying to explain to you. I mean one of the things the guy who I was originally replying too was complaining about possibly getting banned for using slurs, which he claims is the fault of the reporter? Another player was claiming that you can get banned for despawnong a single iron node and another claimed the same thing about a single bear.

You are assuming that the moderation team will ban people without significant evidence, from what I have seen so far that’s not the case. As a matter of fact I regularly see posts from players complaint that it takes far too much evidence and time to have action taken even in the case of blatant cheating

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None of this is legal. According to “unclear” rules.

That’s the definition of “being a dick”. The devs created an environment for a certain type of gameplay, but some players are trying to enforce “the competition” where it shouldn’t. This is a dick move.


I love your castle. Curious if you know how many building blocks that used (assuming you are a solo player).

The second picture, someone (or clan) had building a wall around the New Asagarth (4 zone block) like that on my PvE-C server years ago. Its gone now and they had roads stretching the map in various directions. It was there before I started in Feb 2019 so initially thought it was part of the game. At least the roads since they were useful plus the various map room structure and such along the way.

The 2nd picture, definitely is overkill for any build.

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I dunno, i used template from youtube, and edited it to be more like sieged castlewith automated bridges, and trebuchers os dunno how correct to spell that word on catapult, Builded solo, but mats helped to gather others (could build faster but that place where i started to build i later noticed is bugged on resources means no mater what tool u use u get stone/grass/wood only in one hit and then its disappear - dunno why yhis thing is not fixed now, it was reported as bug like 4 months ago when twitch drops aired, well ok cant say it aint fixed at all, wood and stone seems working ok now but grass still is like that)

So by materials it was like
250 000 hardened bricks +/-
around 70 000 shaped wood
50 000 iron reinfos

P.S its only outter shell - i mean i still dont have decors inside, just stations and shell of castle inside is almost empty

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