New Thrall Commands

Additional selections in the thrall radial menu , besides ‘follow’ could be things like gather target resource. When you select the resource, the thrall mines it if they have the right tool. They could store gathered resource in their inventory. When done they could just sit or relax until you unload them, or they could go back to a destination marker in my base. (Having them automatically deliver might be pushing it). I’d also suggest a ‘follow target’ so that I can have one Thrall follow another. I could have a chain following me on the war path, or on deliveries. Some would be loaded up with resources while others would be armed. Maybe have health potions and food that they use when needed. I would also have a ‘return to camp’ so that they return to a special object placed in my fortress or really wherever I place it, like a rally point. This could also be a marker made on the map. This way if the thrall was close to death they could go back to heal out of harm’s way.

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