New thrall idea - Steward

With an inventory similar of that of a bearer, the steward can help organize all your items in their designated chests, without you lifting a finger.
The steward would also be responsible for paying the servants, take care of any logistics when it comes to trading with any of the game’s factions and collect rent and taxes from “tribute payers” or “protection fee payers”.
This thrall comes with a new crafting bench called “clerk desk” from where you can set trade routes and cover the needs of faction settlements, be it 10 irons swords for the darfari, or 50 absinthe for cimmerians of the mounds.
You can also send warriors, priests and various crafters to complete missions from this desk, for or against the factions.
With this desk you can start earning coin, provided you have the goods to trade with or the warriors to spare. A steward will increase your financial gains.

Flavor text from Hour of the Dragon:
“‘Aye, and here’s mine,’ exclaimed Conan. ‘I want peace. I want to get out in the sun and feel the wind blow up from the sea. But I’m not sure I want the peacetime I dreamed of. It seems to be more irritating than the wars and the intrigues of my roving days. These damned accountants and stewards drive me mad. I can’t get used to them.’”

Stewards can be found in capital cities, often with an escort, while they collect taxes or secure trades with the factions. Their loot will always include a heavy pouch of coins.


So, do you want to be driven mad by accountants and stewards, too? I mean, I guess we just got an accountant with the treasure chest, so maybe a steward would be the next logical step on our way to cuckoo.

Looks like a fun idea to me, but ofc needs to fit the theme of Exiled Lands, which is still a prison of sorts.

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Look like necessary idea to me.
This is the evolution of the storage boxes for particular reasons. All the player will have to do is to organize a storage. Then everytime we return, we will not have to spend soooo much time placing things in order, i’ve done so much enough to hate it. That’s why i love my hobo sessions. I have nothing to organize and care, all i have to do is kill and survive with any possible gear even my fists. So for me THIS is neccecity for this game and i would gladly pay it as extra content, i don’t care. Just do it.

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