New Thrall Idea

New Crafting Station - Barracks
Put thralls in the barracks to teach them new combat moves, and raise their level.

New Thrall - Drill Sergeant
This thrall increases Barracks training time and unlocks “technical trainings” to teach thralls based on cultural affinity.

How it works.

Slot the Drill Sergeant
A list of “basic trainings” appears, including : Fortify (Thrall HP increase), Berserk (Thrall attack speed increase), Precision (Thrall attack damage increase)
Also, a list of “technical (cultural based) trainings” appear, granting damage bonuses vs. certain enemy types, or granting a thrall the ability to harvest the corpse afterward, even additional inventory space.

Slot a combat thrall in one of the five positions (tier 1 barracks) and under that thrall, 4 boxes appear.
Select up to 4 bonus abilities from the basic training module, and up to 2 technical trainings.

Each basic training increases crafting time, and cost (cooked meat-healing wraps-note paper)
Each technical training increases cost by a larger ammount.

Once a thrall is fully trained, it may recieve further training from a higher tier barracks, which will unlock more beneficial versions of Fortify, Berserk, and Precision.

Also, a thralls bonuses can be reselected and rearranged in the Barracks for a reduced cost.

Ana the reaver (+HP +HP +HP +HP/ +Inventory +rocknose bane) = no sweat iron runs

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