New thrall specialization: war dancer

It should be thrall with low dmg and high hp, but he gives buff to player that he follows

Each new thralls perk will give new buff to player. So war dancer 20 lvl will give 3 buffs to player

Possible buffs:

  1. more melee dmg
  2. more range dmg
  3. more armor penetration
  4. faster hp/stamina regen
  5. more encumbrance
  6. bonus stats

Id love this kind of entertainer, give them like a hurdy gurdy or one of the instruments in game to play for them to buff us but not attack. I’ve also wanted this as an item I can use myself, imagine being in a pvp fight, your group vs another groups with guys buffing each other strategically playing different combinations of music to send out certain buffs.

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Instrument yes…but please no hurry hurry. My sons playing sea of thieves listening to that has given me PTSD!:slight_smile:

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