New Thrall Types

Just posting this here as I had done on Reddit, with changes as needed.

Guard Captain
Place this thrall at a desk station to gain a damage % increase for all Fighter/Archer thralls you have placed on guard within a radius of around 20-30 foundation blocks in size. This aura works similar to the Thrall Pot and Feed Boxes. With the Captain providing morale and leadership to your thralls. The radius doesn’t need to be larger, as with larger bases and more thralls, you would need more Captains to lead them.

This thrall is out in the world with a pet animal, somewhat related to their race. Such as a Darfari Beastmaster might have Crocs or Hyenas, a Nordheimer up north might use Wolves. You could place this thrall in an Animal Pen to speed up maturation time for your pets. Further, all pets in the Pen could receive a damage buff for being under his teaching and care that lasts perhaps 10-15 minutes of play time. Maybe a 5-10 percent increase, nothing major. The buff would pop in like regeneration for health.

The mason thrall could have a crafting station related to foundations, fences, walls, ceilings, etc. T4’s could give the material cost reduction benefit as well as increased crafting speed similar to other crafting thralls.

Wandering NPCs that actively hunt animals. They could be an alternative Archer thrall and function the same, with ranged damage mostly via bows.

These thralls would also come with a new Feat, that being the Farm Plot, a planter closer to the ground and 2x2 foundation blocks in size. The Farm Plot works like a Crude Planter at it’s base state, slow growth and compost required.

However, with a T1 Farmer, it now has the growth speed of a regular Planter, and still requires compost. A T2 farmer would have a growth speed between Crude Planter and Planter, but would require no compost at all, it would passively grow things.

A T3 Farmer would have a growth speed between Planter and Improved Planter and not require compost. Lastly, the T4 Farmer would have Improved Planter speeds and not require compost, but if you choose to add compost, you get an added benefit of double the harvest.

The Farm Plot would not be placeable on foundations, it would have to be directly on the ground. To craft it would require compost, plant fibers, spikes (for plant stakes), and wood/stone for a border. The Feat would be available after Improved Planters. Being 2x2 in size, it could hold four plants at one time.

Ideally we’d be able to use seeds as “fuel” and have them grow slowly over time, giving us a slow rate of whatever they grow. Rather than how the normal planters work.

Zamorian Thief armor mentions those remaining hidden in the description. Ideally we could have a station where an Assassin would allow you to craft poisons that could apply a buff to your weapons for short periods. Maybe something like 5 minutes; things like increased damage, tranquilizer venom (only useful to increase Truncheon damage to thralls), maybe stamina damage to use against players, damage-over-time effects. Crafted using parts from spiders, scorpions, and other venomous things, including flowers as well.


I like the idea of Beastmaster very much. It would be even better if the “right” named Beastmaster could give better chance for getting Greater beasts (additional chance with the “right” food) - Darfari for hyenas, Dogs of Desert for gold and silver Rocknoses etc.


Love these ideas especially the farmer one. Current state of farming in the pots is very time consuming vs just going out and getting it in the wild.

I think the problem with farming is you have to go out to get seeds all the time. It would be nice to get a overhaul of the farming system so we get seeds back from our planted crops so we can keep replanting.

Make it so we have to harvest our crops from planters and they drop seeds so we can replant then have to wait for it to grow again. A repeatable process that still needs managing but alliws you to build up an efficient farming system.

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Some great thrall ideas Crysis. I especially like the Beastmaster. Although the Hunter and Farmer sound great too. I have wanted placeable harvesting patches for sometime now. A renewable food source is key to good survival. It would also be cool if we had some fruit trees we could plant in them, as myself and Wolfbane advocated in our suggestion lists.

Constructor / Repair man.
He can walk over all joined base and repair all foundations/walll/ceilings with less of 80% of damage, he can’twork while raids are open.

When you have a tower covered with foundations and fences, it’s to hardest access to repair all if jhezbal sag avatar attack you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Beastmaster bonus for Greater pets would be a very nice addition. I love my Greater Hyena. Literally the second pet I went after and used Shredded Roast.

Plants should definitely drop seeds. The problem with current planting is it is 1 seed + 1 compost for each harvest. A % chance of getting seeds with the items would be great, but definitely need outdoor specific farming. I wouldn’t say 100% seed drop, because then you’d only ever need to find a handful of seeds out in the wild, and never have to look again.

It’d probably be easier to balance a passive growth system with plants having a lifespan of a specific amount of time, after which the plant dies and you need to start more with new seeds.

Fruit Trees were something I thought of, but wasn’t sure if any were in the game. I have yet to go north past the Maker’s Hand or much beyond the desert areas. Definitely like to see apples, pears, and cherries in the highland areas, bananas/pineapple out to the east, prickly pears in the desert.

A Construction NPC would be nice for auto-repairs, Fastorro. Give him a station to work out of.

One idea I had this morning, a new placeable that, when activated, causes a following NPC/Pet to take up a guard position. It’s annoying as hell to run into a base or house, and your thrall/pet is there blocking the exit. So you have to R2 and Guard/Place them out of the way, then R2 again to refollow.

So this little flag spot would let you tap R2 as you go past, logically near entry points to your base, and it drops off the thrall or pet. Tap R2 when coming back out to make them follow you once more.

And while standing there, they are in the Guard setting.


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