New to Assassin class

I just started yesterday as a Stygian Assassin, any recommendations as to what I should do? Strategies etc? I noticed severe problems in regards to being squishy and I tend to have rly sad problems fighting mobs. Can’t even sneak close to them considering I have maxed stealth for my lvl.

Assassins have lower survival but really high burst damage, kill things before they kill you. Usually you can only stealth close to PVE mobs if you are in shadow/dark places.

It will get easier to solo PVE survivabilitywise as you level up.

Stealth is practically useless, most red mobs will just spot you. Sin is one of the slowest levelling classes since it’s only good for single target and you’re always squishy - pull too much and you’ll just die or have to reset the mobs.

As you level up you get Cats Paw and Dull Pain which will help you. You get a decent amount of CCs but they’re pretty much only single target. You have good burst if you use Face Stab and your other miasmas properly and can take down mobs very fast (without them damage is a bit mediocre).