New ToTW a missed opportunity

Far from complaining about the addition of new content (well not 100% new, but new enough to have a fresh feel to it), I do believe that making new ToTW a 6 man raid was a huge missed opportunity to diversify late game leveling content. The inferno grind can become quite monotonous, new ToTW would have been an opportunity to mix that up. The wing bosses are overtuned for sub 220 but the loot is mostly undertuned for 220s (with a few exceptions).

Making ToTW a leveling instance with a few repeatable quests specific to wings with each wing being tuned for different level ranges with only the post GoT azzy room being 220 content we could have had a fresh and more diverse leveling and grinding experience post 201.


I would have loved to see the new TOTW be an open instance with an option to gain nice XP, but then it would be a target for campers and MBers monetizing on the loot. But your suggestion sounds nice.

I would have loved to have different instances based on level like 1-60 61-75 76-100 or something like that.

Then if someone was level 61 and teamed in a party either players or team leader would get a message that players won’t be in the same instance because of their levels.

Or people wouldn’t be allowed inside totw unless they were in the party leaders level range.

I’m too tired right now to think about it but I am sure they could do it.