New type of walls and door frames

I would love to see interior walls and doorframe in the game for multi-room structures with taller walls. It kind of looks silly having interior walls now that have an interior look on one side while the other side has an exterior look in the game. With the exception of the stables from the Riders of Hyboria DLC. Please add these to the game so we can have multi-room structures that look right.


This gets requested a lot, and it’s not feasible to add HUNDREDS of wall pieces for something that is at best very niche to begin with.

Like, even if the budget could do this and they were okay with cancelling other development just for this one request, if people thought the crafting menu was a mess now, just wait until the have 500 identical looking walls in their crafting menu.

Really the only avenue for something like this request within the confines of existing systems is modding. (And no, before its said, the Double Wall Extension I created shouldn’t be “added to the game” either for extremely obvious reasons).

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Not really, all they have to do is use the pieces that they have now. But instead having one side of the wall different from the other. Have both sides of the walls and doorframe match each other and done. Very minimal work and money is all that it will cost because they have already done most of the work. I mean why do you think that they keep on rehashing the same weapons and armor over and over again. They use the same weapons and armors over and over again because they have already done most of the work. So now all they have to do is use the same weapons and armor, but give them different names. The same can be done with the walls and doorframes that are already in the game.

And you just proved my point. Hundreds and hundreds of pieces. That’s not reasonable at all. As a designer, I would throw such a request in the trash. You really think its reasonable and fun to have 500 different walls? No, hard pass.

And your "use the same weapons example ", thats not accurate either. What you want is not feasible on multiple levels. If you want it, download the dev kit, and download blender, you can make them the way you ask yourself.

There’s not hundreds of pieces of walls and doorframes in Conan Exiles. So I do not know where you are getting this hundreds of pieces of walls and doorframes in Conan Exiles from. And my use of the same weapons and armor as an example is not inaccurate. It’s actually just the opposite. You have really lost me, 500 different walls? Are you sure that you are not adding player created custom contents to the mixed? Because if you are, then leave them out of the mix because Funcom has no control over that. They can not simply go in and change something that a player has created.

Assuming you don’t need window-frame walls for interior walls, this addition would mean two wall pieces (wall and doorframe) per building style. There are 16 building styles if you calculate all DLCs (unless I’m missing some), meaning a total of 32 new wall pieces. The textures for interior walls exist already. The collision frames (or whatever you call it) for wall-shaped objects exist already.

I suspect Multigun is mistakenly reading something more into this suggestion than is being requested.

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That’s nothing to sneeze at, though. That’s like 8 new rows in the crafting menu all just for those two pieces. I already put off unlocking t3 building in my game because of that adding all the DLC icons to the menu and making finding anything else a total nightmare.

My poor scroll wheel must hate me.

You can pare that down with selecting the DLC you want to use or swapping between DLCs. So 2 more pieces per set isn’t huge.

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it would be all of 16 re-skins of existing wall object. same snap points. The only change is visual. Arena is already very close to reversible.

Again 16 re-skins of arena walls.
base game
T3 x 2
T3 x 11
T1 x 1.

Not a hard ask to he honest.

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