New [UK] Fury Server PvPvE (relaxed) 0-40 players

Hey Everyone. I have just created a dedicated server yesterday for myself and a a few friends to play on. Simply called “Fury Server” It is running on a stand alone server pc which will be active 24/7. We would like to get some more players to fill the world! Although PvP is enabled we want it to have a relaxed but flexible play flow so to speak. PvP is basically enabled to aid realism, only with no building destruction. Battle eye is enabled, then only adjustments so far is havesting at a x1.5 rate and degradation at 0.5. Charactors dissapear on leaving to prevent dying of thirst etc…

So feel welcome and if you do connect maybe bring a friend! We hope to see more people on there :slight_smile:

Also we use discord and it’ll be available to anyone on the server

Happy hunting

Hey Sammo 2 of us here would join we are uk too if you wil have us :wink:

Hi Sammo,

Myself and a friend (UK) are looking for a server to get started on, and I like the sound of your settings. Do you have room for 2 players?