NEW UPDATE 09.05.2019 AND DLC Riders of Hyboria- I LOVED SO MUCH

XBOX X, in Server 2996 NEW YORK, Updated, running 100%.

I already broke the link with most of my PETS and THALLS now I will capture new ones. :heart::heart::trophy::1st_place_medal::bat:


There is currently (or at least in testlive) a 40% lockdown bug…

Dont place too many new thralls & pets.


Good catch!

So we don’t have a proper algorithm to ensure excessively high growth rates are rare? Looks like a rly poor solution to hardcore a cap instead.

From the previous streams: You can NEVER have 100% on all stats.

But (at least in testlive) if you have 100% in a stat, all thralls after it will have ALWAYS 40% on that stat.

If you place enough thralls, you will have 40% on EVERY stat, which is pretty bad. And I really doubt that gets fixed retroactive…


Shouldn’t be too difficult to change this

Yeah, but the question is: Are locked down thralls get fixed or not…

I will try to level up some thralls… But not too many.

I really doubt it. The only case where I can see this happen is if the buggy 40% is somehow a display bug, and the “real number” (whatever was actually rolled) is stored in the database. But I don’t think this is the case.

As it is, there’s probably no way to differentiate between “rolling 40% naturally” and “getting 40% due to the bug”. In either case, the game will simply save “40%” (or whatever numerical value corresponds) in the database for this particular thrall, and that’s it.

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