New update for PS4 Nov 9

the new update November 9th has messed up tier 4 thralls to the point where you can’t make any thrall required recipes, no flawless from my armorer’s/bsmiths and no white dye from my alchemist, and pretty much just messed a lot of stuff up literally going to quit now before this game becomes more of a hastle. Fix your game before you lose the rest of your Conan players.

In advance, please note that this is not to argue, but to inform.

I hope you will understand that

  • the xbox patch got delayed, so further console hotfixes are delayed.
  • it’s weekend. so yes, you will see some posts piling up.
  • There’s more bugs. If they fix this it doesn’t guarantee a saved community.
  • Useful information should be provided to help fix the bugs quicker - pushing the developers won’t make a good quality patch appear quicker.
    – Taking the time to make better quality patches was planned.
    — However, I myself do find that they take a little too long with some things.


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