New update full of bugs

Okey, guys. Really serious question. How can you release a update with bugs like this?

My teammate was standing on the statue of refreshment and I couldnt hit her. It took me 2-3min to find that bug. So I can imagine how many more of them it is.

And the pvp is broken with all these slowmotion animations.

Like seriously, what have u done? Please, dont release updates like this untill stuff like that are fixed.

While I understand the frustration, it would be very helpful if more people report these bugs during the TestLive phase. With only a few people testing, it is hard to catch all the bugs.


Hello @dorpie, thank you for sharing your concern with us.

For reporting issues with this patch, please refer to our guidelines and be sure to keep it to one issue per thread:

For feedback, the suggestion forum would be ideal as we do monitor it on a daily basis.

I understand that, but I guess ppl noticed the slow animations with some of the weapons.

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