New update, thralls doing noise

Well it seem there is great fix with this update, but i have a problem with thralls doing noise all time when they stand still

that a great idea for pve, but on pvp where some us try to hide their base that not a good idea to have fighter doing lot of loud sound, i mean ok i want my base to be discreet and not my thralls saying hey come behind the rock, it’s here; good loot


Your character also makes noise so it’s less helpful if your sneaking up on someone and then they groan also

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i hope that when i m offline my character is not doing noise…

but for sure when i will be offline, my thralls WILL DO sound as soon as a player pass not far away…

but yes it’s true it will also affect pvp fight, because impossible to sneaking up on someone.

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Buy the new DLC blindly. Will buy anthing of this game. Love this game. But the new NPC-noices are terrible, because tooooo much tooooo much tooooo much tooooo much tooooo much tooooo much tooooo much - they disturb. After 10 Minutes in game, i turn the sound off - that a bad game feeling. Maybe let the players regulate these sounds. Greetings

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Thank Croms crusty balls, there going to look into these problems the running stop animation is terrible.

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