New Weapon: Dung | New Trebechet Ammo: Dung Heap

Yep, exactly that.

I’m requesting for our Devs to allow us to equip Dung in our hotbar, and throw it like a monkey… ahem, like a Water Orb etc. I mean.

It would apply a new debuff called Toxic, that would last for 5 seconds
(This debuff can stack like poison up to 10, but is separate from poison so it can’t be used to add a stack to the poison effect cheaply) , dealing less damage than poison
(initially, if it stacks to 10 it will deal the same damage over time as poison at 10 stacks) as well as applying a brief cripple on direct hits.

The Dung Heap launched from a Trebechet would come in two forms: A packed heap, and a loose heap. The Packed Dung Heap would act similarly to a regular boulder, albeit dealing crap damage (heuheuheuh) and leaving a large, very potent AOE effect in its wake. Passing through said area would rapidly apply Toxic stacks. If something gets caught in the initial blast radius of this, they get 10 stacks of another new status effect called Diseased. Diseased lasts 30 seconds, and all it does is apply the toxic status effect every 5 seconds. So having 10 stacks applies 10 toxic effects, effectively lasting 35 seconds. Diseased can be cleansed by swimming.

A Loose Dung Heap scatters immediately after leaving the Trebechet, blanketing a large area with small Toxic aoes.

And yes, inspiration from Dark Souls. I’m genuinely serious regarding this suggestion however. The new status effects could be used in other areas as well. (Dungeons, hint hint)


Great idea for some fun flavor (ugh!) and using a component that’s seldom used!

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I like the idea of tossing poo around and launching a dung heap with a trebuchet brings happy memories of Biff from Back to the Future.

However, the Toxic debuff seems a little… immersion-breaking. On the other hand, if you can protect yourself from it with a mask, I’m okay with it :smiley:

I get what you mean regarding the Toxic effect, to be fair though we have snake arrows that poison people through plate armour.

I was thinking of a way to make it more than just a joke. This way it can be a niche instead.

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I get what you mean about snake arrows, but to be fair they’re kinda-sorta canon :wink:

But I’m not saying it should be just a joke. It’s just that I find it a bit weird that someone slings ordinary poo at me and I’m instantly sicker than when hit by one of those snake arrows.

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Another fair point. I was thinking “toxic” would initially be lower damage than poison, at 10 stacks however it would be the same as 10 poison stacks. (Will add to OP when I find numbers)

I also mentioned that it would only lasts 5 seconds, so it doesn’t really make you sicker than a flying snake :sweat_smile:, (dealing less damage, and only lasting 5 seconds) at least until you get absolutely caked in it. Hence the Diseased effect from a Packed Heap.

Further thought on gas mask protection, that might only stop the smell. Poop is still a biological hazard, not to mention our exiles are likely covered in cut, rashes, scrapes etc. shudders

Fair enough. Honestly, if Funcom ever decides to implement something like this, I’m pretty sure they’ll tweak it a lot anyway, over a number of updates :smiley:

I did not need that mental image. :face_vomiting:

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